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It is I! The world-traveling Nobody known as ShadowXemnas. I hope to make many contributions to this wiki and help out as much as I can.


Any edits made by are mine. Just to let you know, since I've been editing a few things and have only recently obtained an actual user profile. Disregard this message, as it has been over a year since it's post.



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Current Projects

  • Creating pages for the Gummi Ship Enemies. Done. I am now in desperate need of something to do on here. Any Ideas, anyone?
  • Xashowd's Story (Backstory & KHL), and Level Limits for his abilities.
  • Raxard (Xashowd's Heartless) (KHL) These projects have been moved to the KH Fanon Wiki.
  • Working on all pages related to KH:358/2 Days once it is released (I've pre-ordered the game and the Guidebook, so I'll be able to provide much information).
  • Working on KHL on the KHFanon Wiki.

Favorite Bosses

KH1: Ice Titan, Trickmaster

KH CoM/Re:CoM: Marluxia/Gameplay

KH2: Dark Thorn, Groundshaker

KH 358/2 Days: Antlion, Leechgrave, Dustflier, and Riku/Anti-Riku.

Favorite BGMs

KH: Hollow Bastion, The Deep End, Destiny's Force, Forze De Mal, Guardando Nel Buio

KH CoM/Re:CoM: Struggle Away, The 13th Struggle, Graceful Assassin, Lord of the Castle

KHII: Organization XIII, The 13th Dilemma, Desire for All that is Lost, Fight To the Death, The Corrupted

KH 358/2 Days: Dirge of the Fourteenth, Struggle Away/Fight for my Friends, Another Side, Another Story (The Riku boss music).

KH BBS: The Vanitas themes (Battle, Final, Sentiment), A Battle of Great Valor.

Character Profiles

The characters I use on various RPs around various sites (Such as Gaia) are Shadow/Xashowd (Pronounced Zas-howd, not Za-showd), Darxian (Pronounced Darks-E-an [I don't know how to type a long e like in a dictionary, so I put a capital instead]), and Xegregan (Pronounced Zeg-re-gahn). Since I don't know how to make an alternate user page for this, I'll put a brief profile of them here.


Original Name: Shadow

Nobody Name: Xashowd

Pronounciation: Zas-howd

Title: The Wandering Nightwind

Occupation: Traveler of Worlds, former member of Organization XIII.

Age: Around 152

Appearance: Long, Raven Black hair in a style similar to Sephirothe's, only straighter, and the ends at the bottom are slightly curled. Also has five hair tufts for bangs instead of Sephiroth's two (They are also shorter, only reaching above the eyes). Xashowd has Blood Red/Crimson Eyes, pale skin, and wears a Black Cloak.

Height: 5' 10" Weight: Around 130 lbs

Elements: Darkness, Shadow, Vampire, and minor Elemention (Excluding Light)

Weapons: Mainly either his Darkscythe or his Masamune (Which is about 3/4 the size of Sephiroth's), but he also has a Dark Guillotine Blade, a False Oblivion Keyblade (It's shaft is 2x as long as the original and it has no keychain), and a pouch that can hold an infinite number of Kunai at his disposal.

Homeworld: The Ninja World. It is known that Shadow lived in a secret Vampire Village on the world.

Breif History: Shadow once lived in a Vampire village and worked as a guard there until a gigantic creature known as the Dark Fenrir attacked his home. During the battle against it, Shadow was struck by one of the Dark Fenrir's claws, and as a result, was turned into a Nobody. Shadow eventually met up with Xigbar, a member of Organization XIII, who gave him his new name, Xashowd, and brought him to the world that never was. for a few years, Xashowd worked behind the scenes as a sort of secret agent for the Organization for a few years, alerting Saix of Marluxia's betrayel and watching Axel turn away after Roxas left. Xashowd was ordered by Xemnas not to encounter Sora, but the Organization is now gone. Xashowd plans to meet up with Sora one day, and give him a small Journal, detailing his time in Castle Oblivion, and containing the memories of those who were within the castle...

Recently, Xashowd was traversing the ruins of the Dark City, and he found an abandoned Black Cloak which almost seemed to be alive. As he examined it, he found it contained the memories of it's former wearer, Riku...

For more information, go here.


Original Name: Raidan

Nobody Name: Darxian

Pronounced: Darks-E-an

Title: The Enigma

Age: True age unknown. is said to be at least 35

Occupation: Ex-assassin

Appearance: Darxian's hair is the most unusual part of his appearance, as it has the color of slightly transparent white crystal, but moves like normal hair. The hair on his chin, however, is a normal brown color. His eyes are a cobalt blue color, and his skin is slightly darker than Xashowd's. He also wears a Black Cloak, but also wears a belt around the waist with a scabbard situated on the left side like a gun holster that holds his unique weapon, the Soul Dagger.

Elements: Sonics, Darkness, Soul

Weapons: Soul Dagger, an unnamed short sword, and a two-handed Crystal Sword known as Death's Abyss

Homeworld: Darxian's past is something he rarely speaks of, so his homeworld is currently unknown.

Breif History: Darxian is a very secretive person, who doesn't talk about his past much. All that is currently known about him is that was once an expert assassin named Raidan, and his skills have never diminished. It is also known that he is only Half- Nobody, and half something else entirely.


Name: Xegregan

Pronounced: Ze-gre-gahn

Age: True age unknown, but he sometimes claims he is older than Xashowd.

Appearance: Xegregan is of a race known as the Unknown. As such, his appearance is simply that of a spirit possessing a Titanium suit of armor with unique properties. All that can be seen inside the armor is pitch black, and aside from the visor, Xegregan has no known facial features.

Elements: Spirit, Wind, Ice, Metal

Weapons: Xegregan holds an arsenal of variou named weapons, which include a Broadsword (Mysterious Chasm), a Scimitar (Empty Slicer), a Crystal Dagger (Chill Void), a Scythe (Death's Gale), and Revolver (Hollow Shot). He also hold a wide assortment of Gauntlets and Boots that can be used for attack purposes.


Here i will place the definitions of various terms I have used in my Character Descriptions that may be unknown to readers.


A being who can use the powers of every known Element, there are three known levels of Elemention.

Minor Elemention-

A being who can manipulate and use the powers of almost every known element. Often times these Minor Elementions are missing some elements, or only use a select few with the others for backup.

True Elemention-

A natural born Elemention who can manipulate every element, and uses all of them equally. They have greater control over their elements than Minor Elementions.

Master Elemention-

A True Elemention who has mastered all of the Elements at their disposal. A Master Elemention has total control over every known Element, and are very formidable fighters.

The Unknown

The Unknown are relatives of the Heartless and the Nobodies, and are often created after a Nobody is destroyed. They are the spirit, or Soul, that is left behind after the Heart and the Body are gone, and often inhabit or possess various objects (Mostly suits of armor). Under command from the Unknown King, the majority of Unknown act as a hive mind, but some special Unknown (Such as Xegregan) live their own lives. Metallox is the home world of most of the Unknown.

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