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As always, still in construction. Also, my time on the wiki and the IRC will be shortened drastically for a time unknown right now. Consider it a half-wiki break. I have my reasons, one being that life is being a bit.. unfair, I guess, and that it's for a well-needed writing break. I really need to catch up on it. I'll still be on the IRC, but will be unresponsive unless I am using my normal nick. Please keep this in mind if I need to be contacted. I will check my talk page from school, however, so leave me a message there if you really need me. I'll see what I can do on that. Also, will not be on until 220(Mar 27, if you don't know my dating system).
AKA Chloe
Other Aliases Xeras, Saphroth
IQ 175
Age 13
Residence Indiana, U.S.A.
Gender Female

This is my Userpage, in a nutshell (Whenever I finish my Userpage, that is..):

  • I'm a genius (IQ-wise), but I don't act like it at all.
  • I do support good grammar whenever possible.
  • I'm not a frequent user of talk pages, because I prefer to use the IRC for any conversations I have, but if you're not on, expect a message on your talk page.
  • I am obsessed with references and you can almost always expect at least one reference in whatever I say. (Got it memorized?)
  • I tend to say some random things.
  • I'm normally in a good mood, but that can change quickly.

Some Stuff About Me


When I am on the Internet, like most people, my personality changes quite a bit to reflect who I actually am. It's kinda odd, because I seem to trust people that I meet on the Internet more than people that I just know in person. Outside of this little box called a monitor, I'm rather modest and I don't speak much, mostly because I don't have much to say or because I know that someone that hears me is going to say something lewd. I don't have many friends in school, but I'm fine with that. (Mostly because people don't like me for some reason unknown. Maybe for speaking the truth, but..) I also have a quirky talent of making enemies rather quickly, even by not saying anything! I am a good mannered person, and my most cherished values are honor, respect, integrity, and intelligence. In layman's terms, acting mature and being well mannered = good side. On the other hand, I am also a really bad procrastinator, and lazy to boot.


What can I say? I am a dedicated gaming type person. RPGs? Love 'em. Puzzle/Hidden Object? Wonderful. Strategy? Ooo, sounds cool. Board games? Sometimes. >>

Well, games aren't the only things I do. I also enjoy good works of literature, and I also have a love for philosophy. Ever heard of a novel entitled 'Anthem' written by Ayn Rand? I recommend it, very good read.

I also have a love for music, though not that crap kids listen to today. I do have a taste for classical pieces as well as orchestral. I'm also a band geek (Flutes rule! :D) but I have to quit band because now I get migraines from playing too long. I am taking piano/keyboard next year, though.

IRC Quotes

The Lolcannon


Xion: I'm going to need your help on sorting this one out. Here it is:

<DanicaShardae> Okay, get him.

<Xion4ever> Getting him! Hold on, he's coming.

<-- Xion4ever has left freenode (Disconnected by services)-->

<NitrousX> What!?! Can we still do it?

Xabryn (~bb01fe24@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined blank <Roxas> She had a computer fail. -_- She'll be back.. Hey! <NitrousX> Hey there Wuzzup?

<Xabryn> hi

Xion4ever (~471cd326@gateway/web/freenode/x-mjeqvdksyrnbciyt) has joined #blank

<Xion4ever> Triple fail. Hey there, Xabryn

<randomsock> I can't dance... T-T

<randomsock> Who told this guy about it??? I thought it was exclusive?

<randomsock> Hey there, welcome to the party! <randomsock> hey Xion I did,

<Zelda guy> Really? interesting! He's my friend, so don't give him any trouble

<Xion4ever> How are you?

<randomsock> This is like the ultimate IRC party, Xabryn! <Xabryn> i guess...

<randomsock>Let's party!

<Sparrow> Yah, it was the best thing evar! 8D

Xion4ever throws waterballon at randomperson

<randomsock> ohai.

<ohai> Ack! Xion! STOP PINGING ME! GAH! <Xion4ever> Sorry, ohai =D >.>

<misled user> I am misled.

<randomsock> melikes dacheese >>

LSOHFTW dances

<randomsock>There there, misled_user

NitrousX dances

<NitrousX> DANCE WIT ME, Xabryn!

<Xion4ever>So, Xabryn: care to join the dance party?



<randomsock>Yeah, it just gets better from here!

<ohai> GAH!! *goes insane*

Xabryn dances WOOO!!!

<DanicaShardae> May I kick?

<NitrousX> YES!

<Xion4ever> Sure! ^^

<randomsock> DANCE!

<Xion4ever> Just don't step on his toes! <randomsock> Yeah!

<NitrousX> I DONT CARE GET HIM OUT!1! Do it!

<Xion4ever> o.o

<randomsock> W00T!! 8D

Mitz agreezes

Usernamehere runs around flailing arms

DanicaShardae swings the Kickblade at Withintwowalls... <Roxas?> Dance Xabryn! Lets dance some more!

DanicaShardae misses!

<randomsock?>nota miss!

<Roxas>=-= Xabryn was booted from #blank by DanicaShardae (Victim no. 4! *punt* Lolcannon ourtesy of the Lolcannon Trinity~♪)


<Xion4ever> Haha, that was better then previous kick Much better ^^. That was fun.

<NitrousX> Thanks for including me

<Xion4ever> No problem, nice job on first lolcannon.

<NitrousX> Thanks! I hope I get better from here I'll have it on my page soon.. <XIon4ever> Now to get rid of socks

<-- LSOHFTW has left freenode (Quit: Page closed) <NitrousX> Kick em!

<-- Usernamehere has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)

<Roxas> SOCK DESTROY! (Seven socks were destroyed from this event.) =-=

Mode #blank +o Sapharus by DanicaShardae

<NitrousX> Xabryn still thinks it's real xD

<Xion4ever> Even better!

<-- Mitz has left freenode ()

<-- ZeldaFan378 has left freenode () -->

Xabryn (~bb01fe24@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined blank

<-- DanicaShardae has left freenode (Quit: "All I want is peace for my people. Zane.. (COOKIE FOR REFERENCE! 8D)") <Xion4ever> No hard feelings, ya? Welcome back ^^

<Xabryn> thanks

<NitrousX?> We only do that if you're our friend

Sapharus gives Xabryn a ribbon with Vexen's face on it <NitrousX> Ack! DOn't give him that!

NitrousX_ was playing Mitz and ZeldaFan Saph was everyone else Besides Xion

<Sapharus?>It's for surviving the lolcannon!

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