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Organization XIII
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Riku-Ansem Rewrite

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|image=[[File:Riku- Dark Mode KH.png|200px]]
|world=[[Hollow Bastion]]
|type=Emblem Heartless
|first=''[[Kingdom Hearts (game)|Kingdom Hearts]]''
|game=''[[Kingdom Hearts (game)|Kingdom Hearts]]''<br>''[[Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories]]''<br>''[[Kingdom Hearts II]]'' <small>(flashback)</small><br>''[[Kingdom Hearts III]]'' <small>(flashback)</small>
|weapon=[[Keyblade of People's Hearts]]<br>[[Soul Eater]]
|engvoice=[[wikipedia:David Gallagher|David Gallagher]] <small>(Riku)</small><br>[[wikipedia:Billy Zane|Billy Zane]] <small>(Ansem, ''KH'', ''CoM'')</small><br>[[wikipedia:Richard Epcar|Richard Epcar]] <small>(Ansem, ''Re:CoM'')</small>
|japvoice=[[wikipedia:Mamoru Miyano|Mamoru Miyano]] <small>(Riku)</small><br>[[wikipedia:Akio Ōtsuka|Akio Ōtsuka]] <small>(Ansem)</small>

So, I shall release you now, Princess. Complete the Keyhole with your power. Open the door, lead me into everlasting darkness!

Riku-Ansem is the result of Ansem possessing Riku's body. Through Riku's body, Ansem is able to obtain a physical Emblem form instead of his crippled Pureblood form as the Robed Figure.


Kingdom Hearts

After manipulating Riku into giving into the darkness further, Ansem takes possession of the boy's body, granting him a physical form outside of his Pureblood form. Regrouping with Maleficent at the Final Keyhole, Riku-Ansem comments on the incomplete Keyhole, stating that by unlocking it, the Heartless would overrun the world; Maleficent, however, shows no care in his statement, stating that the darkness held no power over her and that she would instead use it to conquer all of the worlds. Riku-Ansem proceeds to summon the Keyblade of People's Hearts, though the Keyhole fails to react, as without Kairi's heart, the Keyhole would remain incomplete. As the sound of Sora and company opening the castle chapel's doors alerts the two, Maleficent orders Riku-Ansem to guard the princesses while she dealt with them herself. As she walks away, Riku-Ansem grins to himself as a dark aura emits around him.

Following her defeat, Maleficent staggers into another room of the chapel, where Riku-Ansem appears through a dark portal, asking if she needed some help. Sora and company enter the room as well, where Riku-Ansem explains to the group of his Keyblade and its unique properties to unlock people's hearts. Demonstrating its powers first-hand, Riku-Ansem stabs Maleficent with it, telling her to open her heart to the darkness before wisping away through another dark portal, leaving the heroes to fight Maleficent, who uses her newfound powers to transform into her dragon form. Despite this, Maleficent is ultimately destroyed, causing Riku-Ansem to reveal that the Heartless were merely using Maleficent from the start, and that she failed to notice her own darkness gnawing away at her, concluding that it was a fitting end for her as he wipes his boot on her cloak. As the cloak vanishes, Riku-Ansem steps backwards through a dark portal.

Once the heroes reach the site of the Final Keyhole, Sora attempts to wake the dormant Kairi, though Riku-Ansem, who was perched on a ledge above the Keyhole, tells the boy his attempts were futile as she has lost her heart. Ignoring Sora's comment on not being Riku, Riku-Ansem explains that the Keyhole cannot be complete as long as the last princess of heart remains asleep as he descends down to ground level from his perch. When Sora asks if Kairi was a princess, Riku-Ansem confirms, stating that without her power, the Keyhole would remain unfinished, claiming that it was time she awoke. Sora demands for him to release Riku's heart, though Riku-Ansem counters by telling him to first release Kairi's heart, using his Keyblade to cause Kairi's heart to react within Sora. As Sora collapses, Riku-Ansem explains that Kairi's heart has been within Sora's the entire time since the Destiny Islands' destruction, saying that he knows all that there is to know. Sora then demands Riku-Ansem to reveal who he truly was, causing Riku-Ansem to announce his true identity as Ansem, Seeker of Darkness before approaching Sora. As he approached, Donald attempts to attack Riku-Ansem, though the latter shunts him aside off of the platform. Pointing his Keyblade at Sora, Riku-Ansem explains he would release Kairi's heart, ordering it to use its power to complete the Keyhole and lead him into everlasting darkness. As Riku-Ansem prepares to strike down Sora, Kairi's heart causes Sora to regain his senses, who blocks Riku-Ansem's attack. As he fends off Riku-Ansem, Sora exclaims to his possessed friend that he would never take Kairi's heart before engaging him in battle.

As Sora emerges victorious from the battle, Riku-Ansem collapses onto the ground before fading away. In an attempt to save Kairi and complete the Keyhole in order to seal it, Sora uses Riku-Ansem's discarded Keyblade to release both the princesses's and his own heart. In the process, the Keyblade is destroyed, releasing the captive hearts and returning them to their rightful places while Sora ultimately fades away into light, becoming a Heartless. While Kairi, Donald and Goofy call out for Sora, Ansem, having reshaped Riku's body into his own liking, reappears before them, revealing that the Keyhole is complete and that they have served their purpose. As Ansem approaches the trio, he begins to stagger as Riku begins fighting internally for control of his body, warning the trio of the Heartless's impending arrival and ordering them to flee. After the trio comply and escape, Ansem forces Riku's heart out of his body and plunges it into the Realm of Darkness, allowing Ansem to remain in control of his body. In the end however, Sora, who was able to return thanks to Kairi's light, ultimately confronts Ansem in the End of the World and defeats him, allowing Riku to regain control of his body, although Ansem's dark shadow still remained within the boy's heart.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

While Riku progressed through the basements of Castle Oblivion, Ansem's darkness within his heart attempts multiple times to assert control over the boy's body. In one instance after fighting and being knocked unconscious by Lexaeus, Ansem uses the opportunity to briefly seize control of Riku's body, using his Soul Eater to slash through Lexaeus and defeat him. However, Ansem's control is brief, as King Mickey's light is able to ward off Ansem's darkness, allowing Riku to remain in control.

Kingdom Hearts II

A memory of Riku-Ansem clashing with Sora in Hollow Bastion can be seen as the latter's memories reconstruct.

Kingdom Hearts III

The heart of the time-traveling Riku Replica, dubbed Dark Riku, manipulates the heroes into believing that he is Riku possessed by Ansem as Riku-Ansem, as he originates from the time when he was brainwashed by Naminé into believing he was the real Riku. After his defeat at the Keyblade Graveyard however, Dark Riku's ruse falls apart after he is forced out of his replica body by the present Riku Replica, who intends for it to be used to resurrect Naminé.

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