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My Nobody

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|world2=[[The World That Never Was]]<br>[[Castle Oblivion]]<br>[[San Fransokyo]]<br>[[Keyblade Graveyard]]
|title=''The Reality Shifter''
|weapon=[[w:c:ninjago:Yin Blade|Yin Blade]]
|limit=Reality Splitter
|first=''[[Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix]]'' <small>(first seen)</small><br>''[[Kingdom Hearts Final Mix]]'' <small>(first played)</small>

Xarcoh, the Reality Shifter (リアリティシフター Riaritishifutā?), is the Nobody of Roach, an undisclosed Rank within Organization XIII, and a reserve member of the real Organization XIII. He wields the power to manipulate the fabric of reality around him, and utilizes a weapon known as the Yin Blade.


Xarcoh, like all other members of Organization XIII, dons a Black Coat consisting of a cloak, boots, and gloves. Like his human form, Xarcoh has bluish-green colored eyes, short albeit grown out dark brown hair, and a small beard. His hair often covers the top of his ears.

Abilities and Weapon

Xarcoh inherits the power to bend and warp reality in the surrounding area around him, similar to Xigbar's spatial abilities. He can also change the appearance of objects and people similar to Zexion's illusions, although the changed target will retain the properties of the object changed into.

Xarcoh's weapon is a variation of the Yin Blade from the Ninjago series. This variation can be identified by the color scheme, as the colors have now faded into shades of black and white reminiscent to the color scheme of the Nobodies as opposed to the weapon's normal dark blue shades, while the two lime green crystals embedded in the weapon are now grey. The Yin Blade's three blades are sharp enough to cut through the fabric of reality, allowing for the creation of dimensional rifts. The weapon's chain can retract from its hilt via a chain, allowing for a multitude of various combat engagements.

Xarcoh also possesses a Final Limit ability called "Reality Splitter". During this, Xarcoh uses the Yin Blade to create multiple rifts, which he can use to suck enemies out of reality itself and into a pocket dimension where he can unleash a barrage of multiple attacks with the Yin Blade before returning to reality.

Organization XIII Data Fights

The order in which I defeated the Organization XIII Replica Data is as followed:

  1. Luxord
  2. Saïx
  3. Marluxia
  4. Lexaeus
  5. Xigbar
  6. Roxas
  7. Zexion
  8. Demyx
  9. Larxene
  10. Vexen
  11. Axel
  12. Xaldin
  13. Xemnas

Data Analysis Fights

The order in which I defeated the members of the real Organization XIII within the Data Analysis is as followed.

  1. Larxene
  2. Vanitas
  3. Young Xehanort
  4. Luxord
  5. Dark Riku
  6. Marluxia
  7. Xigbar
  8. Saïx
  9. Terra-Xehanort
  10. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness
  11. Xemnas
  12. Xion
  13. Master Xehanort


Miscellaneous Gallery


  • Each of the two Organizations have at least four members I consider "favorites".
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