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Alright, I'm ready to give this a try...
Alright, I'm ready to give this a try...

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Template:NZShabbas Alright, I'm ready to give this a try...


Yo, this is Neumannz, but I also go by Louis or Zatch or other things. I won't tell you exactly what my name is. Well, maybe if you ask nicely/impressively. I'm a college student, University of Maryland, year unknown. I like to think of myself as a gamer, but I happen to know a number of people who regularly put me to shame, so I guess I'm a casual gamer.

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Between my brother and I, we own GB, GBC, GCN, Wii and DS, and an imminent PSP. I've been fortunate enough to have friends/neighbors/roommates with other systems/games, including, yes, PS2 and KH I and II. I've also borrowed CoM, and I own Days.


Generally, I am a nice guy, and I try to be funny and witty when possible and appropriate. (Obviously, that depends on one's standards.) When I get more comfortable with people I also get dry and even abrasive, but since it's hard to express the spirit in which I toss around phrases such as "your face" or "your great-aunt" through text alone (though I make a good crack at it!), I'll try to keep any antagonism to a minimum. Speaking of which...

I'm a fairly tolerant guy, especially for people who need help or advice or whatnot. I enjoy lending a hand to whatever. If on the other hand, people start getting annoyingly dense or instigate arguments that have no logic and are rife with each side insulting the other, than it gets hard for me to keep myself from, as I like to call it, "antagonizing the @$$holes."


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Well, now I've got something written for a change, this should be good for now. I'll do more userboxes or whatever later.

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