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Name Muchomas35
Job Class Dark Knight/Time Mage
Race Half white man, half mexican, but you'll never be able to tell.
Hometown IL
Date of Birth August 11, 1992
Age 15
IQ 110
Keyblade Two Across
Spells Souleater, hasteja, slowga, Meteor, Graviga, Float, Sanquine sword, Infernal Strike

What I do here and what i'm playing


KH: All beat.

KHCom: Probably never will play

KH2: Trying to fill out journal.

Wiki accomplishments

  • Fixed Welcome Template.
  • Other meaningless grammatical corrections

My Stuff

the only reason mankind does anything can be boiled down to this: SHITS AND GIGGLES, no more no less.



Might as well.

Are you okay with cheating?

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I can has video?


The Ecstacy of gold as performed by the symphony that toured with Metallica. It is so awesome it may make youre ears bleed.

the elements

there are five elements, ONLY 5, each with there own subsidiarys.

Air: Controll over air, high/low pressure, vacums, sonics

Earth: Control soil, dirt, rocks, tectonic activity and plant growth

Fire: Heat control, combustion and fire starting and manipulation

Water: Ice creation and manipulation, lowering temprature, water creation and manipulation.

Lightning: Electricity control. convert body into electricity, overload and drain electrical devices.

You may notice light and dark are left out. That is because in my oppinion, they are part of six universal forces seperate from the natural elments above.

Light: Light speed travel, spark creation, energy source, destruction

Dark: Bind things with dark matter, tear with dark energy, travel through dark, destruction

Space: Tear through the fabric of space and demensions, exist in different dimensions (2D, 4D, 1D), create wormholes, eat yourself out of universe. (A Futurama refrence, yea!)

Time: Slow, speed and halt the passage of time, travel through time, ability to exist in past present or future without nasty paradoxes occuring.

Matter: Create and maniuplate basic chemical building blocks to create bigger stuff, like stars or people for meat shields.

Gravity: Hold things in place, move things twords or near you, codense anything in your way to a small extremely dense object, create black holes and white holes.

Those are my versions of the elements and forces.

Games I wish Square would make

Well, dissida is on its way (woot!)but I still have other wishes!

A fighting game with ALL square game characters. I'm talkin Star Ocean, KH, FF, and valkyrie profile. Maybe even chrono and dragon quest? That would be awesome.

A Sequel for Tactics. NOT ADVANCE!

A crossover with Koei's warriors series. Itll never happen, but heres to dreamin!

About me (sorta)

Well, my first FF was 10 when i was in sixth grade, since then i've played if not completed most of the other ones, except for 8, ive never played 8. My favorite would be Tacrics. That is the only game in this series im a fanboy for, but not a fabid one.

I do love music, and below are my favorite songs. My favorite genres are grunge, metal and some symphonic/orchestral stuff on the side. I have the entire KH OST, for all 3 games :) (did you know it has OWA on it? I didn't). I also own most of Pearl Jam's CDs because they are my 2nd favorite band. But theyre a damn close second to Metallica.

I can also play the trumpet proficently. I'm in ma schools concert, jazz and marching band programs. As soon as i can find trumpet ff sheet music, i'll be set for life.

Fun fact: I patrol the recent changes, and about every three mins. i delete my history because i hate the color purple and it gives me headaches.

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