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Homeworld Hollow Bastion

I have invaded this Wiki from Final Fantasy, Folklore, and fanfiction.net, and I am here to give you my own brand of insanity after I set up my userboxes. In the meanwhile, I plan to help fix some shit here--stubs, wanted articles, you name it.

About Myself

Favorite Worlds

KH: Hollow Bastion, Agrabah, and End of the World

Re:Chain: Agrabah, Wonderland, Halloween Town, Castle Oblivion. Reverse/Rebirth: Castle Oblivion, Twilight Town, Hollow Bastion.

KHII: Hollow Bastion (I will always call it "Hollow Bastion" instead of "Radiant Garden"), Halloween Town, the World That Never Was, Space Paranoids, Port Royal, and Beast's Castle

Least Favorite Worlds

KH: Atlantica, Deep Jungle, and Halloween Town

Re:Chain (so far): Traverse Town (it's just kinda boring). Reverse/Rebirth: Don't know, since I'm not there yet.

KHII: Atlantica, Pride Lands, and Disney Castle (but Timeless River was OK)

Favorite Characters

KHI: Hades (what? He's funny)

Re:Chain (so far): Larxene. And, eh, I guess maybe Axel. Reverse/Rebirth: Don't know, since I'm not there yet.

KHII: Tifa, Roxas, Sora, Naminé, Auron, Xaldin, and Saix.

All games: Cloud and Yuffie.

Least Favorite Characters

KHI (or whole series): Donald because he's annoying -- but I'll admit he's useful, Goofy -- see Donald, and Tarzan because he is not useful at all.

Re:Chain (so far):

KHII: Demyx because he's inconsistent -- first he's so easy it's painful, then he's a fricking powerhouse. Could he please make up his mind? --, Sephiroth because he's so overrated it isn't funny, and Ariel because I HATE SINGING!!!!

Best Keyblades

KH: Oblivion, Lionheart, Metal Chocobo (it's just fun)

KHII: Sweet Memories (Lucky Lucky is awesome), Oblivion, Oathkeeper (Form Boost owns all), Ultima Weapon, Fenrir (cancel out Negative Combo with Combo Pluses and Air Combo Pluses), Sleeping Lion (it's just awesome, that's why), and Rumbling Rose (if you wonder why, just consider the name!).


Here's a little fair bit more about me, and it's in the best form existant: UserBoxes!


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When In Mortal Peril...

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