Name LevL
Gender Male
Age 17
Birthday December 1st
Country Netherlands
Symphony Master
LevL Fear my mighty instruments!
Welcome to my userpage! If you want to contact me or if you have a question, just leave a message on my talk page.

Wiki to do list

  • Reverting vandalism when I see it
  • Helping other people
  • Making sure that there are no randomly capitalised words on the wiki
  • Editing anything that I think has to be edited (mainly linking, spelling and things like that)

Kingdom Hearts to do list and accomplishments

If a goal has a strike through it, it means I have already accomplished it.

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts II

  • Reach level 99
  • Complete the Hades Paradox Cup
  • Defeat Sephiroth
  • Complete the Journal 100%
  • Synthesize every item that can be synthesized
  • Synthesize Save the Queen, Save the King and Ultima Weapon

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

  • Finish Terra's scenario
  • Finish Ventus's scenario
  • Finish Aqua's scenario
  • Finish the Final Episode

Likes and dislikes




My sandbox: LevL/Sandbox.


Which of these games is the best one?

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Important poll! (Yes, I know it should be handled...)

Are you happy with how the previous staff elections were handeled (only the bureaucrats decide who will be the new staff members)?

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  • I am Dutch, and proud of that
  • I hate my username
  • I think the English language is better than the Dutch language (and less boring to learn for me)
  • I do not like maths and I do not understand it
  • I have a cat
  • I hate homework, spiders and insects (and more things that I can't think of right now)
  • I love Christmas
  • My favourite number is 13

Naminé's Drawoff

I'm not supposed to be in this picture.
This symbols sketch has been awarded by Naminé for submitting
one piece of fan art to the 2009 Naminé's Drawoff competition.
This artist submitted "Happy New Year!".
I, DoorToNothing, have left the Kingdom Hearts Wikia forever and shall never return. Wikia is an ignorant, stubborn, dictatorial, and oppressive faceless ruler, caring all about their public relations and advertisements rather than content and encyclopedic presentation. For these reasons and many more, I have left this wiki to one that is a true encyclopedia of the series, run by the fans for the fans. Click it. YerMom is feeling jolly
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