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Status: Wow almost 6 hours worth of updating LA's anime list in myanimelist and networking for LA's anime reviews...LA's exhausted....on speaking of which... Follow me on





Gmail -





The reason for my username?

Ok so since Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep i've mostly played you guessed it Aqua, she is at LV 64 Standard Mode, has beat all optional bosses and has around about 93000 munny. Her report is at 100% (and the first one to do it). She has the most versatility out of all of them through the Mirage Arena and the final boss. So in no doubt that i chose Aqua in my name and Legend would be from that i'm frugding awesome with her and has the best deck command combos.

LA: More persona's that LA's own initials...

LA has a habit of of well...speaking in third person for reasons unknown as well as the fact that LA has split persona's...ALOT OF THEM. From sadistic LA to normal LA to insanity LA...tis VERY hard to know which persona LA would change to.

LA most of the time is just plain old LA...but at times, LA can get a bit loose or just eccentric....that's fine...however

...if you see LA in Pure Insanity

LA: The Deity of Fandom admin

LA is also an admin in the Keyhole did you find that out?. LA is VERY strict when vandalism occurs, as well as dealing with user could say that LA is a silent but quick admin when dealing with vandalism.

LA: KH & Anime?

LA is VERY devoted to anime as well as the balance in this wiki. LA RESEARCHES information on anime and is probably the main powerhouse in anime news and anime in general in this wiki. As LA makes REGULAR updates on LA's progress on LA's anime and manga reviews as well as adding extra tidbits for fandom and yes LA does have a thing for anime tsundere seriously.

Now LA on Kingdom Hearts...ohhh LA RESEARCHES it if LA need be. If LA is skeptical at the very least LA would ask for a source. That is all.

<LA gains red irises and makes an evil smirk at your screen>

Keyblade Glider (Aqua)GoalsKeyblade Glider (Aqua)

  • Get to 1000 edits.
  • Get to 2500 edits.
  • Get to 5000 edits.
  • Get to 10000 edits
  • Get to 25000 edits
  • Clock KH-BBS
  • Clock KH.
  • Finish KH2 Storyline x15.
  • Finish KH:CoM
  • Finish my walkthrough
  • Then try to start and finish KH2 walkthrough ehhhh.....
  • Get Nintendo 3DS and Kingdom Hearts 3D.
  • Then try and make a walkthrough for 3D.
  • Be a Featured User
  • Try and get Kingdom Hearts Final Mixes(In like 5 years time when i go to Japan :S)
  • Get my "The Puzzling Aqua" Competition to have at least 20 contestants or more..

My Keyblade

Weapon: "Tsunamifall"

Abiity: HP/MP Absorb and HP/MP Drain, While using this keyblade, enemies HP/MP will be constantly depleted and transferred over to the wielder.

  • Strength: +6
  • Magic: +9

Animes and MANGA

Main article: LegendAqua's Anime and Manga Updates and Reviews


For past polls look here

The Puzzling Aqua

If you want to be in this competition or want to see records see here and for easy points try the mini game "Stormfall's Break Out!!!" here


I have so many userboxes that i had to encase all the userboxes in a box, open it up and see all my userboxes!!!

Deity's Friends

Other Wiki's

Kingdom Hearts Series Games i have not played

  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
  • Kingdom Hearts Final Mixes

Gifts & Awards

My Talk bubbles

Stormfall KHBBS
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