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Kool Beans
Name Chris
Gender Male
Age 15
Birthday September 26
Country USA!USA!
Ethnicity White
Laterality Right Handed
Oreintation Straight
Profession none
Favorite Bands Rush, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Primus
Completed Games Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days,Kingdom Hearts II

Currently Playing

  • PS1
    • Final Fantasy Anthology
      • Final Fantasy V
      • Final Fantasy VI
  • PS2
    • Final Fantasy X
    • Kingdom Hearts
    • Kingdom Hearts II
    • Star Wars Battlefront II
  • DS
    • Final Fantasy III
    • The World Ends With You
    • Spectrobes


Kingdom Hearts

Chain of Memories

Re:Chain of Memories

358/2 Days

Kingdom Hearts II

Personal Explainations/speculation of unexplained things

  • Riku's Second Keyblade
    • Riku was originally supposed to be a keyblade wielder, Destiny Place might be the keyblade he was intended to wield.
    • When Roxas rejoined Sora, his second keyblade was passed on to Riku (who had defeated him before)
      • This also explains why Sora can only use 2 keyblades instead of 3
    • He might have borrowed Sora's, as Destiny place is never seen when Sora is using his Keyblade
    • Might be intended to be weilded by Kairi, and Riku only brought it to her
  • Terranort
    • When Xemnas was defeated his body rejoined his spirit, causing him to be reborn, this also mean that he remains inside Terra's body with Terra's Heart
  • Reconnection of Ven/Terra
    • Ven - His heart would have to have been completely healed and rejoined with his body
    • Terra - would have to be separated from Xehanort and rejoined with the missing part of him (Lingering Sentiment)
  • Sephiroth
    • Fin on right arm - suggests right arm migt be developing into a wing(Safer Sephiroth)
    • The wings attached to his hips - suggest evolution into Safer Sephiroth

Kingdom Hearts Stuff I Have

  • Games
    • Kingdom Heats
    • Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
    • Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories
    • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
    • Kingdom Hearts II
  • Guides
    • Bradygames Kingdom Hearts Guide
  • Kingdom Hearts Manga
    • Volume 1(It's backwards)
    • Volume 4(Also Backwards)
  • Kingdom Hearts II Manga
    • Volume 1
    • Volume 2

Kingdom Hearts Wish list

  • Play arts
    • Sora w/ Kingdom Key
    • Roxas w/ Kingdom Key & Sea Salt Ice Cream
    • School Outfit Kairi w/ School Bag
    • Axel w/ Shakrams
    • Valor Form Sora w/ Fenrir & Fatal Crest
    • Wisdom Form Sora w/ Follow the Wind
    • Master Form Sora w/ Gaurdian Soul & Circle of Life
    • Final Form Sora w/ Sleeping Lion & Hero's Crest
    • Limit Form Sora w/ Kingdom Key
    • Halloween Sora w/ Pumpkinhead
    • Olympus Coliseum Cloud Strife w/ bandaged Buster Sword.
    • Hollow Bastion Sephiroth w/ Masamune
    • KH1 Sora w/ Kingdom Key
    • KH1 Riku w/ Soul Eater
    • Organization Coat King Mickey w/ Kingdom Key D
    • Play arts Arms(Oathkeeper, Oblivion, Wishing Lamp, KH1 Ultima Weapon, KH2 Ultima Weapon
  • Manga
    • Kingdom Hearts Volume 2
    • Kingdom Hearts Volume 3
    • Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Volume 1
    • Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Volume 2

Awesome Kingdom Hearts Ideas

  • Make The Keyblade War into an MMORPG with customizable Keyblades
  • Add Characters from other Square Enix games (The world ends with you, Dragon Quest, Etc.)
  • A Toy Story world
    • Sora, Donald, and Goofy could be turned into toys.

Game Elements, Etc.

Category Best Second Best Worst
Game Kingdom Hearts II Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (For not being on a system I own)
Story Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days(Ties up a lot of loose ends) Kingdom Hearts II  
Graphical Style Kingdom Hearts II    
Cast Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
World The World That Never Was, Radiant Garden Port Royal, Castle Oblivion Atlantica (KHII)
Heartless Strafer Novashadow Emerald Serenade, Dustflier
Nobodies Dragoon, Spectre Twilight Thorn  
Boss Riku(Days) Xion
Keyblade Way to the Dawn, Χ-Blade, Ultima Weapon(KHII) Gaia Bane, Twilight Blaze
Characters that should be in Kingdom Hearts Geno (Square Enix owns the rights), Sanae Hanekoma Kain Highwind(No relation to Cid)  
Song Sanctuary, Sanctuary -after the battle-, One Winged Angel Another Side, Deep Drive Swim This Way, Part of Your World, Ursula's Revenge, A New Day is Dawning
358/2 Days Mission 93, 92 91
Form Final, Dark Mode Valor, Master, Retro Anti
Disney Worlds that should be in Kingdom hearts Toy Story (With all original voice actors)   Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Jonas Brothers


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Male Protagonist Roxas, Sora The King, Riku Ventus, Axel
Female Protagonist Aqua Xion Kairi
Overall Protagonist Roxas, Sora The King, Riku Ven, Axel
Male Antagonist Saïx, Sephiroth Axel, Xaldin, Marluxia Xigbar "Ansem"
Female Antagonist Ursula
Overall Antagonist Saïx, Sephiroth Axel, Xaldin, Marluxia Xigbar "Ansem"
Disney Hero The King Captain Jack Sparrow Tron
Disney Villain Captain Barbossa(Villian???) Ursula
Other Disney Characters The Mayor
Final Fantasy Character Moogle, Sephiroth Auron Cloud, Leon
Overall Character Saïx, Roxas, Sephiroth The King, Sora, Riku, Auron Axel, Marluxia, Xaldin, Ven Ursula

Which Organization Member are you?

Copy and Paste this into your own profile!

I. Xemnas:

[x] You are the leader most of the time.

[ ] You like black.

[ ] You wished/wish you were someone else.

[ ] You don't listen to others.

[x] You like doing research.


II. Xigbar:

[x] You have bad eyesight.

[x] You like throwing things at others when angry.

[x] You wish you were able to teleport.

[ ] You wear your hair in a ponytail.

[x] You have/wish you had a gun.


III. Xaldin

[x] You like windy days.

[ ] You have tried to steal something precious from someone.

[x] You like dragons.

[ ] You have/like dreadlocks.

[x] You've tried to anger someone on purpose.


IV. Vexen

[x] You are disrespected by the young ones.

[x] Someone has already considered you a traitor. SUSPICIOUS GLANCE

[x] You are the oldest of your group.

[x] You like experiments.

[x] You like cold days.


V. Lexaeus

[ ] You are not very talkative.

[x] You like brain games.

[ ] People are afraid of you because of your appearance.

[ ] You prefer heavy weapons rather than light ones.

[ ] You are very strong, physically speaking.


VI. Zexion

[x] You love reading.

[ ] You are not very sociable.

[ ] You are one of the shortest of your group.

[ ] You have a very sensible nose.

[x] You like to elude others.


VII. Saïx

[ ] You have double-personality issues.

[x] You are more active during night rather than day.

[ ] You like werewolves.

[x] Your superior trusts you.

[ ] You have a scar on your face.


VIII. Axel

[x] You are somewhat a pyromaniac.

[x] You care deeply for your best friends.

[x] You are a two-face when you need to be.

[x] You don't like when people don't remember your name.

[ ] You have a very fiery personality.


IX. Demyx

[x] You like music.

[ ] You know how to play a guitar.

[x] You like rainy days.

[x] You like swimming.

[x] You are usually a very happy person.


X. Luxord

[ ] You like playing cards.

[ ] You like to gamble.

[ ] Your favorite color is gold.

[ ] You have stolen money from others.

[x] You have/wished you could curse someone.


XI. Marluxia

[ ] You like pink.

[ ] You like flowers.

[x] You are plotting to overthrow your superior.

[x] You were betrayed by someone.

[ ] You are a bit of a flamboyant person.


XII. Larxene

[ ] You're the only female on your group.

[x] You like storms.

[ ] You're pretty agile.

[x] You like to mock others.

[x] You think ninjas are cool.


XIII. Roxas

[x] You love ice cream.

[ ] You are the youngest of your group.

[x] You think people are hiding something from you.

[ ] You usually have strange dreams involving people you've never met.

[ ] You prefer afternoons rather than nights and mornings.


Totals: 2-4-3-5-1-2-2-4-4-1-2-3-2

I'm vexen??? whaaaaat?

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