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Hey friends. Kingdom_Beast is my name around here, and I'm a HUGE Kingdom Hearts fan. My knowledge rests more on the Disney side of things, so you'll probably see me editing the pages of Disney characters that nobody else cares about. I follow the templates for editing the pages as best I can, but when I don't have all the information, I leave space for you to elaborate!


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Kingdom Hearts

I had wanted to play Kingdom Hearts for a long time after it came out, as I was eager to see how the Disney aspect of the game was treated, but unfortunately at that point I did not own a PlayStation 2! I was under the assumption that Kingdom Hearts was also made for the PC, so when I was in Disneyland, I asked if they had any copies of the game... one of the assistants said they were sold out... apparently she thought they made the game for PC too!

Anyway, the following Christmas my parents surprised me with a PS2 and a copy of Kingdom Hearts. I was obsessed immediately, despite the fact that I had no memory card (my parents aren't too up-to-date on technology).

I finished the game fairly quickly my first time around, doing everything in the incorrect order and not getting anywhere near fully completing the side quests in the game. But after a few more ventures into the game, I beat it nearly fully at level 100. The only thing I could not do, and still cannot do, even with the Ultima Keyblade at level 100, is beat Sephiroth! Curse him!

My favorite worlds in this game were Hollow Bastion, Halloween Town and 100 Acre Wood. I found Olympus Coliseum and Atlantica especially dull; the former because the battles there got repetative, the latter because the story took way too long in a world where the controls were kind of bizzare (although having Ariel as an ally was pretty awesome!}

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Unfortunately, I do not own a Game Boy Advance, and thus I cannot play Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. But I have watched cutscenes from the game on YouTube! I still don't completely grasp how the card system works.

Kingdom Hearts II

My opinion: this game took everything in Kingdom Hearts and made it one million times better! And I didn't think that was even possible! Better worlds, better battles, better storyline... everything about Kingdom Hearts II was brilliant. I was a little irked with the switches in the Final Fantasy characters' voices... and Billy Zane was a much better Ansem/Xehanort/Xemnas than Richard Epcar. But those are small matters in comparison to such a huge, magnificent game!

There's really no way to finish this game perfectly; I don't bother leveling up my forms very much, that's the only thing I really don't like about the game - the drive gauge is gone way too quick, and it takes way too long to power it back up, but maybe that's just me. Anyway, despite that I probably will never fully complete the game, I continue to play through it again and again.

My favorite worlds for this game were Beast's Castle (those Heartless statues? SO SCARY!!!), Space Paranoids, Land of Dragons, Pride Lands and Halloween Town. I'm not so into Agrabah... wasn't really the first time either. Don't know why, 'cause I think Aladdin is a great movie!


I'm actually quite shy when you first get to know me, but after a while I start to become extremely talkative. I'm unusually optimistic (probably a side-effect from growing up on Disney films). I also do my best at whatever task is presented to me; all the better if I have a passion for it...


One of my best talents (in my opinion) is that I can mimic certain voices; aside from reading the Harry Potter series aloud, I love adding in voice overs for Kingdom Hearts when the characters start speaking using text boxes! I can do pretty good Mickey Mouse and Goofy impressions! No luck with Donald Duck though, I'm sad to say.

I've also been told I'm a fairly good writer. I suppose that'll be up to you to judge when you see what I've edited around here.

And, lastly, I soak up film trivia like a sponge.


I was born in India, but I was adopted when I was around three months old, and now I live in New Mexico, U. S. A with my adoptive parents and my adopted brother, who has Autism.


  • I'm a guy, just in case you didn't figure that out. It's hard to tell on the web, so I don't blame you if you didn't figure it out.
  • The Harry Potter series and the His Dark Materials series are my top favorite books.
  • I love the Indiana Jones film series.
  • I think Hayao Miyazaki is a genius; my friends and I have twice attempted to hold a Miyazaki Marathon, and I'm sure we'll try again soon. We somehow never get past two films.
  • I host "Board Game Night" at my local library once every week.
  • I throw some excellent themed parties.
  • I have a secret wish to go to one of those CoSplay things (or something similar) dressed up as a Kingdom Hearts character at least once in my life. I think it'd be fun.
  • I'm a college student, currently going for a major in Cinema Arts with a minor in Peace Studies.
  • As a hobby, I like to make stop-motion animation films with LEGOs... but only when I'm feeling patient enough. I have yet to complete anything that I'd be willing to post on YouTube.
  • My favorite Disney film is "Beauty and the Beast", closely followed by "The Lion King".
  • This is my knowledge of the Final Fantasy world: I've played a bit of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. I don't really like how those games' battle systems work compared to Kingdom Hearts. Out of the FF characters that appear in the Kingdom Hearts series, I'd say my favorites would have to be Tifa and Auron.
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