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Hey guys. Just another Kingdom Hearts fan here, so nothing different about this user page than the others ^_^. Other than the fact that there's barely anything...

About Me

I'm taking this from SquareEnixRocks, writing in third person. Give credit where credit is due ;D

The userpage that you're reading this from right now is IceCreamRockz's, who is a relatively new user who seeks to help develop the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, make friends, and pretty much utilize his grammar skills and interest in the Kingdom Hearts chain of games. People haven't really been interested in IceCreamRockz's real name, but for all you out there to know, his real name is Ryan. IceCreamRockz is 5 feet 5 inches, since he is growing relatively quickly, and eats a lot, particularly ice cream. But he's definitely not fat. Unless you consider a little bit of flesh around the cheeks and the arms fat. IceCreamRockz never really shows emotion a lot, and although his dialogue on the wiki may seem friendly, his expression is like this: ._. IceCreamRockz, although new, has gone through a lot on the wiki, making friends, developing an improved understanding of the wiki, and to even get in to trouble a few times... But overall, IceCreamRockz would like to help the Kingdom Hearts Wiki community develop and to successfully do many things without getting into trouble. For now, IceCreamRockz isn't as active, as he is busy with some tests and projects from school, but edits on the wiki a bit during his free time. Although when he first meets someone, he may seem a little formal and unfriendly, once you get to know him, you should get to like him. Maybe. Sometimes.

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09:29, December 10, 2010 (UTC) This is my signature for when I'm typing short messages.

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These are the awesomest people on the wiki, my friends. You can basically become my friend by just asking me. My userbox code is {{User ICR}}. If you're my friend, then feel free to add the userbox. I forget to give it sometimes, so... here's the place to get my userbox.

LapisScarab, SilverCrono, Hangon, Xion4ever, Dan da Man36, Troisnyxetienne, JFHavoc, Organization 13, LexaIIIV, LegoAlchemist, Chihuahuaman, Lapidothtill, Soxra, The Inexistent, RoxasXIIILK, Riku's Love, CaelumLucisCaliga, OathkeeperKH, 17master, Pea14733, EternalNothingnessXIII, No.i, Secret agent clank, Darkheart3, LevL, Randomnessity, Superdog1123, The Dark Master, SquareEnixRocks


I only add friend userboxes and userboxes that friends made for me. The only userbox other than that is.... well, look for yourself.