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Uhm... yeah... I don't have that much to say about myself that can't already be read on the FF Wiki. As for my "KH repetoir", I have played all three games, but have yet to complete Riku's story in CoM. Also,

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Personal Bests


Choices in the beginning of the game were Shield as primary, Staff removed.

CupKeybladeTime left
Phil Oblivion 01'25"03
Pegasus Oblivion 00'42"06
Hercules Oblivion 00'36"06
Hades Oblivion 00'08"43
Platinum Cup
Items usedNone
Times healed8

*The bonus from the Keyblade (Oblivion) is included in this.
**Time begins from the moment "Platinum Cup" is chosen and ends when the last hit connects.



World Completion

WorldMM Emblem WorldMM Emblem
Twilight TownNo Radiant GardenNo
Beast's CastleYes Olympus ColiseumNo
AgrabahNo The Land of DragonsNo
100 Acre WoodNo Pride LandsYes
AtlanticaYes Disney CastleYes
Timeless RiverYes Port RoyalNo
Halloween TownYes Space ParanoidsYes
The World That Never WasNo Your mom's houseOh yeah


Medal level is 30 on all of those complete, so I didn't bother with adding it. European setting for dots and commas.
Broken HighwayS2861.093.83294%
S 95%
S+3 82%
Ancient HighwayS 92%
S 93%
S 63%
Sunlight StormS 100%
S 82%
S+2 68%
Floating IslandS 100%
S 95%
S+1 80%
Splash IslandS 100%
S 100%
S+4 89%
Assault of the DreadnoughtS 70%
S 100%
- 0%
Asteroid SweepS 100%
S 100%
S+5 100%
Stardust SweepS 100%
S 100%
S+6 100%
Phantom StormS 100%
S 100%
S+2 89%
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