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General Stuff
Gender Female
Birthday 18th February 1995
Currently Playing Nothing right now.
Kingdom Hearts Stuff
Games I Own Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts, 358/2 Days, Re:COM, Kingdom Hearts II, Re:Coded and 3D
Favorite Playable Protagonist Sora!
Favorite Support Character Namine!
Least Favorite Support Character King Mickey. Don't get me started on how annoying he is
Favorite Antagonist Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. He comes out of nowhere!
Least Favorite Antagonist Pete. He's impossible to take seriously
Favorite Keyblade Ultima. I LOVE Power!
Least Favorite Keyblade Kingdom Key. Too Plain
Favourite World Wonderland! Followed closely by Halloween Town
Least Favourite World Atlantica. For obvious reasons
Favourite Organisation XIII member Axel. (Excluding Roxas of course)
Least Favourite Organisation XIII member Larxene. Only because of her stupid hair.



Sadly, these days I have less and less time to spend at the Keyhole. This means that I have no set time for when I'm here and when I'm not. All I can say is rest assured that if you leave me a message, I WILL reply to it. It might take me an hour, it might take me a week, but I will get back to you. Sometimes I might reply to one message, but not another. That's not anything personal; it just means I only had the time to reply to some messages, not all.

I try to do wiki work whenever I have spare time, as sparse as that time may be. If someone needs help from me I do try and get to that work as soon as possible, but I don't make any promises.

In summary, don't be afraid to contact me for anything, but if you need something urgently, I would not count on me to get there quickly.


I serve as an admin to this fine wiki and I also rule the World Terminus, which means that I am a certified Keyhole Tour Guide and I am able to guide users around this wonderful establishment. Okay, Keyhole Tour Guide's not a real position, I just made it up. However, I am still able to help you out if you are struggling with anything!

I don't really have a specialty wiki-wise, I just aim to help out as best I can. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to take image requests anymore, but I can make my services available if it is an emergency! I am also a veteran of the anti-jpg game and help out with the jpg eradication program whenever I can.

Kingdom Hearts and I

I am a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland and everything related to it (except for the latest remake, blegh) and I always look for Wonderland related media. It was through this that I heard about a game where you could play in Wonderland. It sounded really cool so I sent my Dad off to the DVD rental store to rent it out. As soon as I heard the first line of Simple and Clean I was hooked. I played the game through, loving every moment, and as soon as I finished it I sent my Dad to get the second game. This time I decided to play properly so I spent weeks making sure I didn't die, getting the max amount of money, leveling and all that other meticulous stuff. This took me so long that I managed to rack up a pretty hefty bill on our rental account. My parents finally got sick of paying for a game I constantly had out and they made me return it just before the final boss.

I went on a little hiatus after that, but after a few months my parents let me get it out again. I was a good gamer by now as opposed to the novice I was when I first got into Kingdom Hearts, so I got out both games and decided to play them both through again, while completing every available objective. I finished both games in half the time it took me to do KH II by itself, the first time I played it. It was around this time that I started to research more into the franchise and each time my main source of information ended up being this wiki.

Eventually I was able to get myself a copy of both the main games and the Kingdom Hearts manga, all of which were surprisingly hard to find. I decided I wanted to play the series in chronological order, so I didn't touch my own copies in the hope that I'd be able to get BBS to play first. I also decided to join the wiki at this time, because I checked in on it every day anyway.

When Christmas 2010 came around I was ecstatic when I was given a PSP and Birth by Sleep. I started to play immediately. I got Days, Re:CoM and Re:coded soon after that, followed by all of the guides that were available and a mod for my PS2 so I am able to play Re:CoM. I also forked out the cash for a Nintendo 3DS and a copy of 3D.

I have since slowly worked my way through BBS, KH1 and, after over a year of procrastinating, I finally finished Re:CoM. I got through Days in a couple of months, completing it in mid-2015. What followed was a quick re-run of KHII, and boy did understanding the side-games make a difference in my enjoyment of this game! My KHII progress stalled for a long while, once again due to my hatred for leveling and 100% completion. I eventually came to a compromise on that, quickly finishing off Xemnas for a finish in early 2017. I then started Re:coded; I found the story enjoyable, but thought the gameplay so repetitive that I only did enough to complete the storyline and unlock the secret ending before I gladly put the game away un-100% completed. I have also been lucky enough to get a PS4, so I am eagerly anticipating the release of KH3!


NOTE: Extra content can be found on my Userpage +, although this page is severely out of date and will not be updated.

My personality sort of contradicts itself. For example, at times I can be very pessimistic, but on the whole I am very optimistic. I am also quite confrontational and aggressive by nature, but due to some unfortunate experiences in my life, I have recently become more reserved and I have developed an 'if-its-not-a-big-deal-I-won't-worry-about-it' attitude. I suppose, like the great ogre Shrek, I have many layers. That's right, I am an onion.

An important thing to know about me is that I never judge someone before I know them myself. Intolerance in any form is absolutely disgusting in my opinion and I have actually been teased in the past for the way that I get quite angry when faced with any form of hate. However, I have been hurt by people in the past (who hasn’t? ;P), so I am very cautious when it comes to new people. Yes, everyone I meet starts on an even playing ground, but if you do anything that makes me question your character, I won't ever open myself up fully to a friendship with you. But, if you are a nice person and you are lucky enough to earn my trust (it is a rarity after all ;D) then I will treat you with the utmost respect. Friendship is INCREDIBLY important to me and I would go to the ends of the earth to help anyone who I care for.

A final note of importance is that I am incredibly honest. I have no secrets about who I am and if you want to know something about me you only need ask. That being said, be prepared for the answer you'll receive, whether it turns out to be shocking, sad, or just plain boring! I also respect honesty being used with me, even if it hurts. If you have a problem with me, please let me know because I'd prefer to know rather than look like a moron because I think we're friends, when in reality, you hate my guts. Seriously, if you have a problem with anything to do with me, LET ME KNOW. Yes, it could result in a fight, but I will really appreciate it.


Below is a list of the amazing people that have helped make my time on this wiki so amazing. If it wasn't for these people, I wouldn't have had the wonderful experience I have been lucky enough to have on this site. Thank you all so much, and I mean that with the greatest sincerity.

A huge thanks goes out to Roxas who helped me with the design for this section, among so many other things.

This list is in no particular order.

Here are the userboxes of the awesome people above. If I have your name above but I don't have your userbox, just let me know and I'll add it up. This section is also in no particular order.



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