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Gender Female
Birthday 18th February
Kingdom Hearts Games I Own Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts, 358/2 Days Re:COM, Kingdom Hearts II and Re:Coded
Other Hobbies Reading, Writing, Drawing, Gaming, Photoshopping, Shopping and multiple other things.
Kingdom Hearts Stuff
Favorite Playable Protagonist Tie between Sora and Roxas
Favorite Support Character Namine!
Least Favorite Support Character King Mickey.
Favorite Antagonist Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. He comes out of nowhere!
Least Favorite Antagonist Pete. He's impossible to take seriously
Favorite Keyblade Ultima. I LOVE Power!
Least Favorite Keyblade Kingdom Key. Too Plain
Favourite World Wonderland! Followed closely by Halloween Town
Least Favourite World Atlantica. For obvious control reasons
Favourite Organisation XIII member Axel.(Excluding Roxas of course)
Least Favourite Organisation XIII member Marluxia. Flowers, really?
What I'm Up To
What I'm Playing Kingdom Hearts I

Journal Entries
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I'm working on a few things right now, including a few of this wiki's projects. I'm working on the Quotes project (currently creating Aqua's page), the Images Project (RoxasXIIILK and I are in charge of that one) and I sometimes pop in and help clean up the boss articles.

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I have just started playing KH I again, but it's probably gonna take a while due to intrusions from this annoying thing called real life. :(

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I dont really have a niche on this wiki, but I try to help out as best I can. If you're confused with something I'll try and help you out, even if the only way I can help is by reffering you to someone else! I LOVE messing around with images, so image requests will be happily taken and I am able to create sprites (thanks to help from Roxas). As for the mainspace I dont have much info to give, but I can do the bare minimum (basic personality and origin sections etc.). I basically aim to be as helpful as I can be to this wiki and everyone on it!

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I am a girl of regular height and weight. I have straight light brown hair with blonde streaks that reaches about halfway down my back and I NEVER wear it up. I have bright greeny hazel eyes that are the same colour as my sister's and mother's eyes and I have light olive skin. My casual dress is everyone elses formal wear and I only own one pair of pants that I got for jogging (which I never do). I like high shoes and I've had my ears pierced multiple times but due to my irratably sensitive skin I'm only able to use one earring in each ear. I have ridiculously long nails that are constantly painted, because I keep forgetting to buy nail polish remover and I hate chipped polish on nails.

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My personality sort of contradicts itself. I consider myself shy, but at the same time I am comfortable meeting new people. I prefer to be alone, but I thrive in group situations. I guess I'm a bit...complicated.

I don't judge people before I know them and I give people the benefit of the doubt, but if someone does something that rubs me the wrong way, then thats it- they've lost their chance. One thing people learn about me fast is that I trust people VERY easily, which is something that usually ends up getting me hurt.

I have no tolerence for cruelty, rudeness, backstabbing or mind games. I usually end my friendships with girls early because I can't stand the bitchiness, so I'm usually hanging with guys. Take note of that: NO BITCHINESS AND/OR DRAMA!!!!!

I am a big nerd and am proud of it! The Nerd revolution is here people!!

I am very smart and I think its wonderful. People that say things like 'I Don't Read' or 'I don't care if I fail' like those are cool facts about themselves, are usually people I don't get along with.

All in all I'm a friendly person and I love making new friends, so please don't hesitate to say hello on my TalkPage!

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My life has kind of been a flurry of backstabbing friends and dissapointments that all came to a climax in 2008. I was part of a group that was made up of four groups of three best friends and we all came together to form a huge group that got along extremely well. I was part of a 'three group' with two girls, but one of my besties and I became best friends with a girl from another trio. We three became really close and I didnt even realise that my original best friend (who had never had a friend before me) was becoming extremely possesive of me and lashed out with bullying to cope with her jealousy. The year eneded terribly with one of the trios moving schools and my new friedn from the other trio going to a boarding school. My mother requested that my school put me in a class with my bestie and away from the posseisve best friend who had become a bit of a bully. What we didnt know was that the possesive girl had also requested to be in a class with my best friend. So the school put me and Miss Bully in the same class in the hopes that with my best friend between us all would be well. When school started I was annoyed to find that I had, against my mothers request, been put in the same class as the bully and was even more aggravated to find that, without telling anyone, my so-called best friend had moved schools. I was left alone with noone. I tried to move classes to be with other friends from last year and instead they were moved into my class, due to the school wanting the bad boys of our year (all of which were in my class) to be balanced out by girls. What did this achieve? The bully was able to manipulate the other girls against me. How? I'm not sure. She was (although its mean to say) a social loser. She had no power over them, but they were somehow afraid of her. I tried to ignore her, but she was crafty. She knew how to bully without anyone knowing it was bullying. I told the other girls the way I felt about how the bullying and they replied 'Maybe its just your personality'. This was the final straw and I left that group. Luckily I'm good at making friends and I found new girls to have fun with in class and one of the girls that hung out with the bully became one of my closest friends during classtime (although she wasn't gutsy enough to leave the bullies group entirely). I also met one of my best friends to date. I found a new group to hang with at lunch- a big group of guys that was spearheaded by three female best friends. One of the girls welcomed me in whole heartedly and the other two didnt take much interest in me. Until I started getting along with what they thought of as 'thier guys'. They started to freeze me out after that- talking over me, blocking me out of circles, throwing get togethers for everyone to attend except me- and the guys were oblivious. When the girls made jokes about me, the guys laughed, not realising how much it hurt to be the outsider. It was the worst time of my life. I cried every day and after months of enduring it by myself I told my mum and dad about what was going on. When school ended for the year I decided that there was no way I was going back to that school. My parents eventually decided to let me homeschool myself. It was a great descision for my grades as well, as the school had the crappest teachers and my grade had suffered IMMENSLY that year. I later learned that the bully had started bullying other girls in the group and they had finally got up the courage to ditch her and they asked me to forgive them for not being sympathetic about what I was going through. Little too late guys. I also found out that the best friend who had left without telling me had been hanging out with the bully behind my back, so I didnt try to reconcile with her either. Now I am back on track and although it was a terrible year it really helped me grow as a person. Although, it goes without saying that I have a few trust issues, I am alot wiser and that experience has turned me into the person that I am today.

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I am a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland and everything related to it (except for the latest remake, blegh) and I always look for Wonderland related media. It was through this that I heard about a game where you could play in Wonderland. It sounded really cool so I sent my Dad off to the DVD rental store to rent it out. As soon as I heard the first line of Simple and Clean I was hooked. I played the game through, loving every moment, and as soon as I finished it I sent my Dad to get the second game. This time I decided to play properly so I spent weeks making sure I didnt die, getting the max amount of money, levelling and all that other maticulous stuff. This took me so long that I managed to rack up a pretty hefty bill on our rental account. My parents finally got sick of paying for a game I constantly had out and they made me return it just before the final boss. I went on a little hiatus after that, but after a few months my parents let me get it out again. I was a good gamer by now as opposed to the novice I was when I first got into Kingdom Hearts, so I got out both games and decided to play them both through again, while completing every avaialble objective. I finished both games in half the time it took me to do KH II by itself, the first time I played it. It was around this time that I started to research more into the franchise and each time my main source of information ended up being this wiki. I was able to get myself a copy of both the main games and the Kingdom Hearts manga, all of which were surprisingly hard to find. I decided I wanted to play the series in chronological order so I didnt touch my own copies in the hope that I'd be able to get BBS to play first. I then joined the wiki, because I checked in on it every day anyway. When Christmas 2010 came around I was estatic to find that I got a PSP and Birth by Sleep as well as the guide, which was simply astounding because we're not the richest family. I started to play it immediatly. I also got Days and the KH guide for my birthday and I was given Re:COM, Coded and Days soon after that. I also purchased all of the guides that were available. Finally, I had to get my PS2 chipped so I could play Re: COM as I don't live in a place where it is available.

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Here are some odd facts about me that you may or may not want to know.

  • I have five cats. No, I'm not some crazy cat lady, I just found a family of strays (three boys and their mother) and managed to domesticate them.
  • I type really fast. So fast, that the letters in my words often get jumbled up.
  • I am a big fan of Zenescope[1] comics
  • I like everything Pineapple flavoured, but I hate eating Pineapple.
  • I have two sisters and no brothers.
  • I am a proud riddler of the Puzzling Aqua and Quizzling Aqua Arena competitions.
  • I love icecream. ALOT. If you like icecream too, you should put this userbox on your page.


  • I am the Featured User of October 2011! Yay me!


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