I am not going to reveal anything more about myself than this. It is going to stay that way. Don't even try to ask me.
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Name FinalMix+
Real Name ???
Residence ???
Gender Male
Age 13
Title The Chaos Gamer
Attribute Twilight
Appearance on wiki Frequent
Personality Unknown/Enigmatic
AKA Final

Hello. I am FinalMix+. I was just an anonymous editor until I decided to make an account. I wrote the articles: Limit Pass, Elemental Curse, Chaining, and Witch's Chaos anonymously. I also edited some other articles but that's too much to remember. My finalised title is The Chaos Gamer.

Games I own

Likes and Dislikes


Protangonist: Riku, he's cool.

Antagonist: Xigbar and Axel, got it memorized?

Keyblade: Fenrir = ULTIMATE POWER!!!!!

Form: Final Form. I'm floating! WHHHHEEEEE!!!!!

Party Member: Riku, again.

Heartless: Rare Vendor/Bulky Vendor, free items!!!!

Nobodies: Twilight Thorn, that thing is so cool!

Unversed: Trinity Armor, totally epic!


Protagonist: None.

Antagonist: Larxene. She can be a real b****.

Keyblade: Hidden Dragon. That thing is useless.

Form: Wisdom Form. Accuracy and attack is horrible!

Party Member: Ping. TOTALLY USELESS!!!

Heartless: Fat Body/Fat Bandit. Why do we have to hit those dumb things from the back?

Nobodies: Berserker/Dancer. Getting whacked constantly with no hope of escape? Getting swung around a taking damage? What is this?

Unversed: Symphony Master, that thing looks ridiculous!


Kingdom Hearts II: Completed Jimminy's Journal, Defeated Xemnas, Defeated Sephiroth, Opened all treasure chests, Reached Lv 99.

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix: Defeated Xemnas, Defeated Sephiroth, Impressed Mushroom Organization XIII, Completed all Data Rematches.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: Defeated Riku, Opened all treasure chests, Unlocked The King, Unlocked Sora, Completed all missions in Mission Mode, Obtained all secret reports, Collected every type of item, Completed all challenges, Completed Proud Mode, Reached Lv 100, Collected all Challenge Sigils, Obtain Max Hearts Points, Obtain Max Mission Crowns.

What mattered the most was remembered the least.
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This Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Mastery Award has been awarded
to FinalMix+ for beating the game and unlocking all the secrets.

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To Do List

Kingdom Hearts II:----

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix:----

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: ----

If your gonna ask me, why not take on Terra? I'll tell you that I'm not going to waste my time on trying to beat someone who is unbelieveably difficult and in the end I'll always have my butt kicked.

Tips and Tricks

Form Training excluding Final Form: Go to Space Paranoids and depart on the Solar Sailor. Turn into a drive form and defeat all the Heartless. When you end up on the other side, go back onto the Solar Sailor and depart again(make sure you stay in your drive form). When you arrive on the other side, go back on the Solar Sailor and your drive guage will be maximum and you will be reverted to normal. This also works for summons.

Aimlessly Flying Chakrams: Use Axel with Eternal Flames and the ability Aerial Payback and go on Mission 93, Believe(another mission that has a crowd of Heartless should work too). Get knocked down by the Neoshadows in midair and perform Aerial Recovery and then Aerial Payback. The Chakrams may go flying everywhere, but they have a little chance of hitting. This trick does not always work.

Defeating Riku with untransformed Oblivion: Use Riku with Way To the Dawn and equip three ability units(Alive'n'kicking). Use the first three ground combo attacks and first few midair attacks without the midair combo. Let Anti-Riku land and keep performing this. If you are lucky, he won't transform his weapon when his health gets low.

Frozen Roxas/Xion: Use Twilight Blaze or Malevrick Flare with either Xion or Roxas. Go to Agrabah and jump on top of the lever and perform the aerial finisher. Roxas/Xion will be frozen on top of the lever for a while and will come off eventually.

Berserker's Aftershock: Use any character with any weapon that has a fast finishing combo. Equip Perfect Block and Block-Counter and do Mission 91, Escape the Castle. Deplete Saix's health to the least possible (don't kill him!) and wait for him to go into berserk mode. Block the shockwave just as it lands to eliminate the recoil and immediately attack to activate the counter. If done right, Saix will leave blue electricity around him from his berserk mode when he dies.


Organization XIII

WARNING: These series of videos has content that may be inappropriate for young viewers.

Talk page

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FinalMix+ "That's a familiar sound..."

06:23, March 17, 2010 (UTC) - "Allow me to test your strength."

This talk bubble is used when I'm talking to someone I don't really know.

FinalMix+ - "The X-Blade is created from our hearts!"

"If you destroy it, you'll be destroying your own heart!"

This is my normal talk bubble. I will use this in most situations.

Enquires or Requests

If you require any information about any game in the Kingdom Hearts series, do leave a message on my talk page. My speciality is in Days. Requests? I can't exactly fufill requests because I don't have very much equipment. Youtube videos and image requests are somethings that I cannot fufill.

Sora's Diary

12 Jun 2010: A bit late, but JFHavoc is now my friend!

8 May 2010: Video section added! Expect more videos soon!

18 Apr 2010: I've done every possible thing I can possibly do in Days. Now what?

12 Apr 2010: I've got the Ultima Weapon ability! +15 to strength!

2 Apr 2010: Completed all achievements! That took way too long....

17 Feb 2010: Proper talk bubble has been made! Thanks to yet again JFHavoc.

10 Feb 2010: Finally got an award! All credit goes to JFHavoc! Thanks so much!

5 Feb 2010: All secret reports obtained! Pandora's Gear has also been obtained!

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