Well, uh, I'm Dreyfus! ^_^ And this is my User Page! Yay!

About Who We are Dealing With

  • Name: Graham Hummel-Hall
  • Age: 15 as of October 3rd 2006
  • Location: Wisconsin, USA
  • More detailed Location: I'LL NEVER TELL!
  • Phone Number: Aren't you the nosey one!
  • Favorite Kingdom Hearts Character: Luxord
  • Favorite Disney Character: Bambi
  • Favorite Final Fantasy Character: Vivi
  • Gender: Male

I guess I should start by saying that I'm responsible for all the confusion about the second Maleficent template (now non-existent). Sorry about that!

Anyway, I'm the maker and (currently) main contributor of most of the existing Heartless and Magic articles (and I made many other articles too, but will spare you the list). I was also that naughty boy who categorized them as "Pure" and "Artificial" Heartless instead of "Pureblood" and "Emblem" Heartless. Other than that, the only article making-specific thing to note is that I am very sure that End of the World and/or Twilight Town is Fantasia's world. Although I know that it is completely speculation (other than Yen Sid's Tower and Bald Mountain, of course), I sometimes have a problem about including such things in my articles (though I recently removed it from End of the World).

Uh, I love to adapt to problems, so if there is any problem with my work, I'll see what I can do about it. Though I should say that I can be EXTREMELY stubborn when it comes to Categories, Article Names (such as Sark's), Classification, and Templates. Heh... I only hope to make friends, so don't expect me to yell at ya if you make a little goof on one of my "masterpieces" (modest, aren't I? Sarcasm...). I hope some of my contributions will become real treasures in the future, and hope the best for all the other contributors out there! ^_^

I'm an owner of Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2, and Chain of Memories (got the guides for those first two). I'm in the process of doing Expert Mode on Kingdom Hearts (EVIL DARKBALLS! MY WOODEN SWORD WILL KILL YOU ONE DAY!) and Normal Mode on Kingdom Hearts 2. ^_^ I beat KH1 on Easy mode, and KH2 on Beginner Mode with 100% completion on KH1.

Well, that's about it... If you ever need to e-mail me or MSN me, my address is "" and otherwise you can find me at my deviantART location. ^_^ Good luck on whatever you are up to! I do hope this article was helpful to my ne'er-do-well actions, and have a good day!


My Favorite Articles

These are the articles that I made that I think either have come along a great way, or are just my favorites. (I've contributed in all of these) ^W^

Major Contributions

Ways of Contact

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