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<div class="thumb tright" style="width:320px; background:#4682B4; border: 1px solid #A9A9A9;">
<div class="thumbcaption" style="text-align: center;">'''Vs Ansem'''</div>
<div class="thumbcaption" style="text-align: center;">'''Vs Ansem'''</div>
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<div class="thumbcaption" style="text-align: center;">'''Guardiano Nel Buio'''</div>
<div class="thumbcaption" style="text-align: center;">'''Guardiano Nel Buio'''</div>
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Sora appears wielding the Keyblade, dressed in his KH1 attire. He is hesitant to fight Riku and puts up a brave front about fighting him, but in truth is worried for his friend's safety.

Sora is an "an aerial master using the powers of light". Sora's attacks are powerful from range and he excels are both melee combos and long-range magic. However, he doesn't do much damage and is vulnerable in melee fighting due to the lag time of his moves. If an opponent manages to evade the attack, they can easily counter while Sora recovers. At close-range, if Sora misses, he is in extreme danger. Sora battles using his signature attacks from across the KH series, as well as moves based on his Drive Forms

Sora's alternate costume is his KH2 attire, and in his alternate form his EX Form swaps colors - the white colorings become black and vice versa.


Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Blitz Ground 3-hit combo on enemies
Ars Arcanum Aerial Rapid combo on airborne enemies
Strike Raid Ground Throw the Keyblade for a long-range combo. Hits up to three times
Sonic Rave Aerial Swing Keyblade and charge forward at high speed
Light Fire Ground Shoot three balls of fire that track enemies
Shining Blizzard Aerial Shoot a barrage of ice shards that spread over a wide area
Gleaming Thunder Aerial Conjure a storm of lightning around foe
Valor Beat Ground Strike enemies with a powerful combo
Wisdom Shot Aerial Fire a barrage of magic bolts at enemy, tracks slightly

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Trinity Ground Slam the Keyblade down and create a field of energy around you that shoots a column of light upwards.
Ragnarok Aerial Charge an orb of energy that fires a barrage of lasers that spiral forward and outwards. The lasers home slightly if you charge long enough
Final Arcana Ground/Aerial Summon an aura and dash rapidly and uncontrollably around a small area. If you hit the opponent, you stun them and leap up to dive for a final blow.

Brave to HP Attacks

Name Type Chained From description
Master Disaster Aerial Ars Arcanum Spin and draw enemies into a keyblade whirlwind that hits multiple times.

EX Mode

Sora's EX Mode is Drive Change, where he transforms into Final Form, and his Keyblade turns into the Ultima Weapon from KH1 (in his alternate costume, he uses the Ultima Weapon from KH2). In EX Mode, Sora can glide, and he gains the special abilities "Magic Boost" and "Combo Boost". Magic Boost increases the strength of Sora's magic, while Combo Boost causes the Keyblade to leave waves of light when swung to do more hits.

For Sora's EX Burst Drive Crush, the player must synchronize their button presses with Sora's movements as he pummels opponents with the power of his Drive Forms. Sora transforms into Valor form and dashes past enemies with a powerful strike, then changes into Wisdom form and fires a barrage of magic bolts. He then changes into Master form and uses a magic-enchanted keyblade strike, and finally turns into Limit form and uses a Strike Raid attack. The player must press Triangle at the right moment to link the four attacks together. If they get it right all four times, Sora ends the attack by changing back into Final Form and performing an extended combo ending with an overhead strike that causes an explosion


Deep freeze! - when using Shining Blizzard
Come on! - when using Master Vortex
Go, light! - when using Trinity
Take this! - when using Ars Arcanum
Power! - when using Ragnarok
Light! - when entering EX Mode
Here we go - when beginning EX Burst
You're not eternal after all - when finishing EX Burst
How about a rematch sometime? - when victorious
That's the power of the Keyblade! - when victorious
Is this for real... - when defeated
I can't find the light... - when defeated

Your radiance is amazing - when facing Warrior of Light
A warrior of light and darkness... - when facing Cecil
Let's swap stories once we're done - when facing Bartz
Are you really afraid of power? - when facing Terra
Can't you find your light? - when facing Cloud
Darkness won't scare me away! - when facing Cloud of Darkness
Your heart yearns for light? - when facing Golbez
You're freaking me out! - when facing Kefka
Have we met before? - when facing Sephiroth
You look familiar... - when facing Ultimecia
You ready Gramps? - when facing Jecht
This is for your own good - when facing Riku


Riku uses the Soul Eater blade and is in his KH1 outfit. He fights Sora to settle their rivalry and mocks Sora about the Keyblade, claiming he is it's true destined user. It is discovered in Shade Impulse that Riku gave into the temptation of darkness and was controlled by Chaos due to his weak heart, and is freed once defeated.

Riku is "a warrior with the brute force of darkness". In contrast to Sora, Riku is extremely powerful in melee combat, striking opponents with powerful combos that do heavy damage. However, his ranged attacks are weak, and if an opponent can keep their distance from Riku, he'll be hard pressed to get in a good hit. He does have ranged attacks, but they're stronger at closer range than long. Many of Riku's moves are "dark" versions of Sora's, but function differently. He otherwise uses attacks based on his Sleights from Chain of Memories and his Limit attacks from Kingdom Hearts II.

Riku's alternate costume is his KH2 attire. His alternate form EX Mode is his dark robe.


Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Last Saber Ground A powerful four-hit combo that knocks opponents into the air
Helm Split Aerial Attack airborne enemies with a powerful blow that slams them to the ground
Dark Raid Ground Throw the Soul Eater for a mid-range combo. Hits up to three times
Impulse Ground Swing the Soul Eater and unleash a short-range burst of dark energy
Dark Firaga Ground Conjure three fireballs to circle Riku and spread outwards
Black Blizzaga Ground Summon a large pillar of ice under the opponent
Shadow Thundaga Aerial Fire a long bolt of lightning at opponent that tracks them
XIII Blades Aerial Summon 13 shadowy swords to circle Riku 360 degrees, hitting several times
Dark Maelstrom Ground Spin rapidly to hit enemy with a flurry of attacks

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Dark Barrage Aerial Charge up a massive orb of dark power and throw it at opponent. Explodes on impact
Dark Shield Ground/Aerial Block enemy attacks and charge forward to attack with an overhead cleave with the Soul Eater
All's End Ground Charge an orb of dark power and fire a barrage of dark energy orbs that track enemy

Brave to HP Attacks

Name Type Chained From Description
Master Hearts Aerial XIII Blades Summon a large dark aura around the Soul Eater, and swing to attack 360 degrees

EX Mode

Riku's EX Mode is Dark Change, in which Riku turns into his dark form, and the Soul Eater transforms into the Dark Keyblade (in his alternate costume, Riku instead gains The Way to Dawn Keyblade). Riku gains the ability to Glide, and gains the special ability "Eternal Session", which causes the Dark Keyblade to leave waves of dark energy when swung, doing more damage, and also boosts the strength of Riku's magic.

For his EX Burst Dark Aura, the player must synchronize their button presses with Riku's movements. Riku dashes at opponents surrounded in a dark aura, and the player must press Triangle at the precise moment the Riku comes close to land the hit. If done all five times, Riku ends the EX Burst by firing a barrage of dark fireballs into the opponent, then dashing forward to deliver a final Keyblade attack.


You giving up? - when using Helm Split
My turn! - when using Last Saber
Catch this! - when using Dark Firaga
Surrender! - when using Black Blizzaga
Is that it? - when using XIII Blades
Outta my way! - when using All's End
Darkness! - when entering EX Mode
Welcome to oblivion! - when beginning EX Burst
Behold the power of darkness! - when finishing EX Burst
You're nothing compared to me - when victorious
My heart is too strong - when victorious
I'm....fading.... - when defeated
I can't...no! - when defeated

Your light is a lie! - when facing Warrior of Light
Open your heart to darkness - when facing Cecil
Don't fear destruction! - when facing Terra
Drown in your despair - when facing Cloud
Let your hatred consume you! - when facing Tidus
Let's see who destiny favors - when facing Garland
Darkness is my strength! - when facing Cloud of Darkness
You stink of darkness - when facing Golbez
Your Void doesn't scare me - when facing Exdeath
Time holds no sway over darkness - when facing Ultimecia
I'll change your tune! - when facing Kuja

So, you finally made it, it's about time. You're my greatest rival, Sora. We've always spurred each other on, to be stronger, but it ends now! This universe doesn't need two Keyblade masters! I'm the true master, you don't have what it takes! You're just an impostor, a fake. And fakes should be destroyed! - when confronting Sora


The arena for KH is Hollow Bastion. The arena is a series of balconies and staircases set into walls. In the center of the arena is a single large castle turret, and tendrils of energy weave around the turret and to the balconies. The battle tracks are the following:

Vs Ansem


Guardiano Nel Buio


Attack Sources

Sonic Rave, Ars Arcanum, Ragnarok and Strike Raid are command abilities for Sora in KH1, while Blitz is a sleight in CoM. Valor Beat, Wisdom Shot, Master Disaster and Final Arcana are named after his Drive Forms, and mirror attacks they use. Trinity is based on its appearance in Re:Chain of Memories.

Helm Split, Impulse, Dark Barrage, Dark Maelstrom and Dark Raid are named for sleights Riku uses in CoM. Last Saber, XIII Blades, Master Hearts and All's End are Riku's limit commands in KH2. Dark Shield is a Reaction command he uses when a party member in KH2. His EX Burst is based on his ultimate attack in KH and strongest sleight in CoM.

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