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Hollow Bastion

  • Items Obtainable: Mega-Potion x2, Mega-Ether, Elixir, Megalixir x3, Cottage x3, Power Up, AP Up, Mythril x3, Orichalcum x3, Dispel-G x4, Float-G x3, Esuna-G, Tornado-G x3, Flare-G, Holy-G, Ultima-G, Fireglow, Mava vo. 3 and 6, Azal vol. 3, Hafet vol. 4, Theon vol. 6, Khama vol. 8, Salegg vol. 6, Nahara vol. 5, Emblem Piece x4, Ansem's Report 5, Dalmatians 91 - 99
  • Accessories Obtainable: Blizzaga Ring, Thundaga Ring, Firaga Ring
  • Abilities: White Trinity, Ragnarok, Cheer(Donald)
  • Trinities: Blue Trinity 16 and 17, Red Trinity 6, Green Trinity 9
  • Enemies Encountered: Shadow, Darkball, Wizard, Wyvern, Defender
  • Bosses Encountered: Riku, Maleficent, Dragon

Hollow Bastion Overview

  • Walk off the first platform - you can walk on the water here. Behind the row of rocks is a chest with Dalmatians 91 - 93 inside. Head to the Save Point and across the flaoting platforms until you find the moving one. Ride it to a big platform, and check nearby for a bubble - jump into it and open the nearby chest for a Dispel-G before your time runs out. Head up the patforms again to watch a cutscene.

You just lost your keyblade, and your teammates abandoned you - stop swearing, first off, as you did gain Beast. Look down towards the Save Point and Glide to the moving platform on the left to collect three chests - they hold Dispel-G', a "Blizzaga Ring, and a Megalixir. Head up to the platform with the White Trinity and jump on the same platform - use it to reach the entrance to the castle. There are four new enemy types here - the Wyvern(135 HP, 31 ATK, 24 DEF, 65 EXP), the Darkball(60 HP, 31 ATK, 24 DEF, 32 EXP), the Defender(240 HP, 31 ATK, 24 DEF, 120 EXP), and the Wizard(75 HP, 31 ATK, 24 DEF, 90 EXP). For now, run away from them, as your wooden sword is incomparable to a real weapon. Head right and through the gates, and examine the red crystal to activate a platform higher up. The blue crystal brings you down to a new area. Let Beast take on the enemies here, and jump into the upper bubble - jump on the platform to reach a chest on the ledge with a Mythril inside. Since you're there, jump to the other ledge to get a Tornado-G. Use the ice crystal to make a platform slide out, jump to the blue ledge on the left, and Glide to a chest that holds another Tornado-G. From where you found the Mythril, push the blue block so you can reach the floating platform - jump to the ledge and Release the one crystal to make the other platform slide out. Jump across and enter the Waterway. On the left is a gate - use Call to make Beast smash it to pieces, then check the chest to find an Esuna-G. Head back to Base Level, and jump down to the bubbles - use the lower one to enter the Waterway. Use the Save Point and open the chest to find a Firaga Ring, then turn around and Call Beast again to break the gate nearby. Use Blizzara on the bubble to freeze it into a platform. Jump to the top of the wall that seperates the areas, and from there to the chest containing a Flare-G. Use the now-thawed bubble. Use Beast to break the stone wall near where the bubble drops you off, and let him kill off the enemies beofre you check the chests to find a Float-G in both. Head back to the Waterway, take a left as you exit the Dungeon, and take the sharp turn - on the wall is a switch. Press it, head to the gate that moved, and press the switch there. Ont he right is another switch, so press it as well. Head down the new corridor and hit the ground switch, then use the bubble to reach a new area. Hit the switch here to activate the elevator, and let beast kill the Defender here(use Gravity on it to help out) before you hit the last switch. Head back out of the castle by doing the switch puzzle in reverse to get out, and head towards the gates. Enter the double doors and prepare to fight Riku.


Somebody Battle: Riku
Riku- Dark Mode KH

The best strategy for this would be to summon Tink, keep Aerora cast and use Dodge Roll to get behind him and combo his back. It is quite straightforward. After you defeat Riku, you'll receive White Trinity Ability.
Stats: 500 HP, 31 ATK, 24 DEF, 2000 EXP

Hollow Bastion Overview II

After the fight, you'll gain the White Trinity ability. Check the pots around the room for HP balls and Hi-Potions, then head into the hallway that leads to the door with a Heartless symbol and look at the pillar on your right. Jump to grab onto the ledge, and jump to the top of the pillar to find a chest with a Power Up. Head to the right as you exit to reach some double doors that lead to the Library.

Move the blocks around the room to open passages and obtain items. When you round the corner, grab the Khama vol. 8 - to the right is a row of red books with a gap in them. Place the book into the slot to open a passage. The pillar on the left has a hole in it - examine it until the chest is in front, then open it for an Elixir. Head upstairs and repeat the process for the two pillars here to obtain a Mythril and a Mega-Potion. Check the desk near the Save Point for the Theon vol. 6. Use the Green Trinity to get the Azal vol. 3, then head past the pillar that had the Mega-Potion to find a book shelf with a green book and orange books. Take the green book to receive the Mava vol. 6. Check the same spot to place the Theon, which unlocks a nearby door. Turn to see that you can jump on top of the bookcases on the lower level - there's a chest there containing a Dispel-G.

Follow the bookcase to the corner to find another pillar - spin it until you get the AP Up. Walk off the ledge in front of the Save Point to drop into a sealed-off area. Take the blue book from the green ones to receive the Salegg vol. 6, then turn and place it in the bookshelf to open an exit. Return to the entrance of the area and place the yellow book on the shelf, then run to the other side of the shelf to find the Nahara vol. 5. Head up to the Save Point to the yelow books opposite it, and place the book in the gap, then take the green book from behind the bookshelf to obtain the Mava vol. 3. Drop to the bottom level and use the two green books in their missing gaps and take the Hafet vol. 4 from the desk, then place it in the row of books opposite the Save Point.

Now, move through the door to the Lift Stop. To the left of the glowing crystal is a platform floating over your head -target it and use Gravira to lower the platform. Check the chest for a Tornado-G, then use the blue crystal to ride to the upper platform. Use Gravira on the next floating platform to find an Ultima-G.

Head to the Library, use the Save Point to restore your MP and save your game, then head through the doors to the Entrance Hall. Head to the right as you enter, hit the two pots on either side of the stone and a waterfall will drop a piece out. Keep moving and use Fira magic on the candles, ignore the Red Trinity for now, and keep lighting candles as you go. After you light all eight, something appears on the center platform. Search the stone with the lightning bolt carved on it out, and cast Thundara on it to lower the platforms that lead to the center area.

Fly across and grab the Emblem Piece. On the side of the circle opposing the doorway is a statue - push it until you find the chest, then head back to the Red Trinity and use it to reveal the last Emblem Piece. Return to the library before jumping down to retreive the pieces to restore your MP, then collect them. The chest that appeared is to the right of the door with the Heartless symbol on it. Head to this door, and examine it four times to make it open.

After the cutscene enter the door to the Lift Stop. Head to the red crystal and turn it blue, then return to the blue crystal to head up. Use Gravira on the chest platform to receive the Orichalcum, then head down. Turn the one crystal back red again, and ride the platform down. Head into the Waterway, and take the right-hand platform to get to Lift Stop again. The red crystal here spits up MP balls and Mythril when you check it. Head down and take the other platform(the left-hand one) to the Dungeon. Use the Blue Trinity to obtain a Mega-Potion, Mega-Ether, and a Cottage, along with some HP balls.

Head up to the Waterway, through the door back to the Lift Stop. Ride the platform up, and exit past the red crystal to reach the Castle Gates. Be careful when fighting here so that you don't fall back into the Waterway. Head around the corner and activate the red crystal, then wait for the paltform to come by and use it to cross the gap to a chest. Use Gravira to bring it down, and grab Dalmatians 94 - 96 from it. Hop on the moving platform and ride it back to the other end of the track, then Glide to the other flaoting platform here, and ride it to a chest on a pillar. The chest contains a Holy-G; from there, glide to the chest on the pillar in the distance to find an Orichalcum. Head back to the main platform and use the blue crystal to ride to a new area. Head up the steps to find another red crystal - use it to enter a large platform.

When it stops moving, fight the enemies and use the crystal to start the platform back up again. Use the Blue Trinity to get some MP balls, a Megalixir, and two Cottages. Check the chest nearby for a Dispel-G, then head through the door to the Lift Stop. Use the blue crystal to reach a higher platform, then exit to the Great Crest area. On the left is a chest holding an Orichalcum, and on the right is a blue crystal you can use to find another new area.

After you defeat the enemies, use Gravira on the chest to lower it and grab the THundaga Ring. Head to the blue crsytal, but jump off the ledge and turn right to Glide along the wall. Enter the opening on the right as you Glide under the yellow blocks, and enter the door. Use Gravira on the platform to get a Float-G, then exit the area back to the High Tower. Glide to the left towards the blue line, and you'll land on the platform below next to a blue crystal. Use it to return to the previous area. Use the red crystal to lower a block, and turn to enter the door back to Lift Stop. Head through the other door to High Tower again, and defeat the enemies here. Use Gravira on the chest to get Dalmatians 97 - 99, then check the red crystal to lower the other block. Move up and use the yellow crystal to raise the one block back up, then grab the Megalixir on the ledge. Use the red crystal to trigger the platform to change back in the secret room of the Library.

Head down the yellow blocks and enter Lift Stop, then head into the Castle Chapel area.

BOSS FIGHT: Maleficent

Somebody Battle: Maleficent
Maleficent KHBBS

Again, Tink and Aerora would be a nice beginning strategy. If you use Gravira on the platform Maleficent is on, it will sink to the ground, where you can get a few good swings at her.

You'll have to deal with constant Defenders and Darkballs, which you may focus on while Maleficent is busy with her meteor shower if you want the munny--a meteor shower you need to avoid by running to the side of the huge vortex. If you start to run out of MP, start whacking at the platform, which brings down its HP and has the same effect as Gravira, but takes a bit longer.

After you defeat Maleficent, you'll receive Donald's Cheer and Ansem's Report 5.
Stats: 900 HP, 31 ATK, 24 DEF, 6000 EXP


Er, dragon? Battle: Maleficent (Dragon)

=This is a very tough battle and there are three strategies you could follow:

Use the highly effective Tink/Aerora combination, attacking the Dragon's head directly from the front, though somewhat cautiously. If you get low on HP, back off for Tink to bring you back up, saving your MP for casting Aerora. Or you could glide around the back of the Dragon and jump on its hind leg, walk up onto its back and stay there, using Strike Raid repeatedly, using Ethers when you need to replenish your MP. If you get thrown off, simply climb back up and continue. Finally, you could just stay on the Dragon's back until Goofy and Donald take care of it, but this would take an exceptionally long amount of time. With any of the strategies, you should stock up on Ethers, just in case. The Dragon's attacks include: green dragon breath that stays burning on the floor, continuous shockwaves that cover the entire area every the Dragon takes a step, claw swipes, bite attacks and homing fire. When the Dragon pauses and lifts its head up a little, it will throw you off of its back, which causes minor damage.

After you defeat Dragon, you'll receive Fireglow .
Stats: 1200 HP, 31 ATK, 24 DEF, 6000 EXP

Hollow Bastion Overview III

After you obtain Fireglow, exit the glowing orb and check the new passageway beyond the Save Point. Save your game first, then make sure Guard, Counterattack, and the Olympia are equipped, defeat the shadows in the next room, and enter the Grand Hall.


Possessed Somebody Battle: Riku (Possessed)
Riku- Dark Mode KH

In this fight, you cannot summon Tink, but should still cast Aerora on Sora and try to keep it that way. if you have Guard equipped, use it wisely. When you deflect his attacks, he'll be stunned for a moment and give you a good chance at some good hits.

If you find that you need to heal, fly away and cast Cura. If he goes into Crazy Mode, fly around until he calms down. When he starts throwing his Keyblade at you, you could try to hit it back at him to cause some damage, but this is a bit risky. A pattern that you may be able to get into that causes great amounts of damage would be to: after using Guard to block an attack, in the short window of time, pull a full combo on him, then after your last blow, spam Guard until he tries to attack you again. This way, he won't be able to hit you. Try to finish him off quickly, as he will be less likely to stay in his powered-up form permanently; if you can pull off using Ars Arcanum on him, it would help, especially if he only has half of a bar left.

After you defeat Riku, you'll receive Ragnarok.
Stats: 900 HP, 31 ATK, 24 DEF, 8500 EXP

Hollow Bastion Overview IV

Since you received the Ragnarok ability and watched a few cutscenes, it's time to head on. Move to the Lift Stop, keep falling off ledges until you reach the Entrance Hall, then get ready to head back to Traverse Town.

Return to Traverse Town IX

  • Items Obtainable: Orichalcum x3, Thundaga-G, Comet-G x2, Meteor-G, Navi-Gummi, Lord Fortune, Violetta
  • Accessories Obtainable: Ribbon
  • Keyblades Obtainable: Oathkeeper
  • Summons Obtainable: Mushu
  • Trinities: White Trinity 1 - 9

After Hollow Bastion, do that thing you usually do - upgrade, etc. Head to the 1st District and talk to Cid - you need a new route to Hollow Bastion, and that means you need a Navi-Gummi. Apparently there's one int he Secret Waterway, so head there and use the White Trinity to receive an Orichalcum. Talk to Kairi and check out the mural to find the Navi-Gummi, then talk to Kairi again to obtain the Oathkeeper keyblade. Head upstairs in back of Merlin's Study, talk to the Fairy Godmother, and she'll release Mushu from the Fireglow gem. You can now summon Mushu in combat. Donald will also obtain the Lord Fortune weapon if you've obtained all the other summons at this point. Head to the Dalmatian's House to get the Ribbon for saving the puppies - equip it and never take it off. Head back to the 1st District and talk to Cid to get him to install the new Navi-Gummi, then head to Wonderland.

Tying Up Loose Ends...


  • Land in the Queen's Castle, enter the Lotus Forest, head to the back and use the mushrooms to reach the branch with the acorn on it. use the door to reach the wall of the Bizarre Room, then check the painting to return to the closed off area of the Lotus Forest. Use the White Trinity to get the Lady Luck keyblade.


  • Use the White Trinity in the middle of the Lobby to get the Violetta for Donald.

Deep Jungle:

  • Head to the cave that led to the keyhole(Cavern of Hearts), then use the White Trinity to find an Orichalcum.


  • Enter the Entrance of the Cave of Wonders and use the White Trinity to obtain a Comet-G.


  • Head to Chamber 6 and use the White Trinity to obtain a Thundaga-G.


  • Head to Triton's Palace and look under the conch for a White Trinity. Use it to find a chest with an Orichalcum.

Halloween Town:

  • Head to Moonlight Hill and use the White Trinity to snag a Comet-G.


  • Use the White Trinity on the deck of the Pirate Ship to grab a Meteor-G.

Return to Hollow Bastion

  • Items Obtainable: Defense Up, Firaga-G, Thundaga-G, Flare-G, Ansem's Report 2, 4, 6, and 10, Dalmatians 61 - 63
  • Accessories Obtainable: Omega Arts
  • Keyblades Obtainable: Divine Rose, Oblivion
  • Magic Obtainable: Firaga, Curaga
  • Trinities: White Trinity 10
  • Enemies Encountered: Shadow, Darkball, Wizard, Wyvern, Defender
  • Bosses Encountered: Behemoth

Jump up the platforms until you reach the White Trinity' to grab a Firaga-G. Turn and jump down to the platform below to use a bubble that takes you to a "Defense Up. Head to the Library and Beast will reunite with Belle. Talk with Belle to receive the Divine Rose keyblade, then enter the Lift Stop and check the chest for a Thundaga-G. Head back to the Entrance Hall and up to the Castle Chapel, talk to the princesses here, and then back through Lift Stop to the Grand Hall. Go up the steps on the right to find a chest with a Flare-G inside. From the platform with the keyhole, turn around and look up to find a chest - reach it by jumping on the ledge and walking around the edge to obtain the Oblivion keyblade. On the left of the keyhole is a chest on a ledge that holds Dalmatians 61 - 63. Head through the giant keyhole to initiate a boss battle against Behemoth.

BOSS FIGHT: Behemoth

Heartless Battle: Behemoth
Behemoth KH

As per usual, summon Tink and cast Aerora, but keep in mind that you can only damage Behemoth by attacking its horn, so get up on its back. To keep damage down over the course of the battle, keep up your MP, healing items and Aorora. If you want to disregard the damage you get and attack Behemoth like mad, that is an option here.

Behemoth has two big attacks which are a Thunder style spell--signified by bowing its head; avoided by attacking quickly and then running out of the area the spell will affect--and a summoning of a giant black ball of energy that splits up into homing balls--signified by iBehemoth's horns glowing and avoided by Dodge Rolling around underneath the creature.

After you defeat Behemoth, you'll receive Omega Arts and Firaga.
Stats: 1350 HP, 35 ATK, 27 DEF, 16000 EXP

After Behemoth

You'll need to head back to the Library. Find Aerith on the bottom floor to receive Ansem's Reports 2, 4, 6, and 10. Talk to her two more times to have Cura upgraded to Curaga, then use the Save Point to head back to Traverse Town.

Return to Traverse Town X

  • Items Obtainable: Megalixir, Full Gummi Set
  • Magic Obtainable: Aeroga

After defeating Behemoth, there'll be two surprises waiting in the Dalmatian's House - first is an upgrade for Aerora to Aeroga, and second is a Full Gummi Set. You can return to Wonderland and fight enemies in the rabbit hole to obtain a Megalixir if you want to. You now need to choose between heading to the End of World to prepare for the Coliseum, and heading to the Coliseum to prepare for the End of World. This walkthrough assumes you went to End of World first.

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