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Although this wiki is dying, I still hang around for the sake of two wonderful editors who have made my life a better life. Feel free to talk to me if ya want!


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Great changes are coming soon...

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I have been using this wiki since December of 2011, and only got an account January 2012. My arrival also was timed with the discussions that turned this wiki into a fansite; and when I went on hiatus until February, so much change had happened and I was oblivious to everything. I previously only used the wiki for the images to draw, because the only things I can draw are things that AREN't human. ANYWAYS, a lot of change was going on that I wasn't aware of , then when I actually go to edit my userpage and write something on it, the name of the site was changed to "Le Keyhole: Ye Olde Kingdom Hearts Fansite". Around this time many users were changing their allegiance to the .net site as well, and activity levels started to drop.

So naturally, I went on hiatus for a month or so again.

Then, when I FINALLY come back online, I get notified about some sort of "Roleplay" and that they needed one more player. The Roleplay really propelled my activeness. I made more than one talk bubble, several signatures, a sig tutorial, and began to set up my own Arena, along with acquiring my first official friendship box and several more. Then, our head honcho had to leave for a while and our other head honcho left, then the first head honcho came back and the other one was gone, and took the RP with him.

So now, I just hang around. I'm setting up my own Arena and trying to fix my talk bubbles. I edit lots of pages, and I talk to lots of people. I'm friendly and nice, unless you give me a reason not to be. I'm on the IRC channel a lot, so you can chat me there.


I'm just your not-so-ordinary teenage girl. Okay, maybe I LOOK ordinary, but honestly, anyone who keeps plastic lightsabers in their band locker and plans anarchies in Spanish class can't be totally ordinary. So how bout this: I REDEFINE the word "ordinary". There, that's better.

I'm pretty much EVERYONE's friend. People get annoyed with me because of my random bursts, get mad at me because I voice my position on something I believe, but you know what, I couldn't care less about them. That's their problem if they don't want to accept different people.


I'm usually wearing black. When I'm not wearing black I'm wearing navy blue. My favorite outfit is a long sleeved black shirt and black skinny jeans. My only shoes are black and silver sneakers, and I never take off my charmless silver necklace.


  • Hate broken links with a fiery passion
  • Have a habit of randomly yelling "UNICORN" or other related subjects in a talk bubble
  • Spend class time to fix broken links

A Reason for the Username

Well, let's break it down.


Cold. As. Fire.

Cold(kohld): having a relatively low temperature; having little or no warmth

As(az):to the same degree, amount, or extent; similarly; equally

Fire(fayh-uhr): a state, process, or instance of combustion in which fuel orother material is ignited and combined with oxygen, giving offlight, heat, and flame.

In other words, a contradictory statement. I've used this username ever since I signed up for something, and ColdAsIce was already taken, so I chose fire. You can call me CAF if you want to.

Chaos Crystal KHBBS.pngOnlinenessChaos Crystal KHBBS.png

I will eventually get one of those nice and neat and organized charts to show my online/offline hours, but for now, I'm just writing stuff down. Make me a chart if you feel like it! :D My computer schedule is extremely fluctuated though, so don't completely rely on this.

  • NOTE* I live in California, so my time zone is Pacific, UTC -8 I think.

School Schedule

I will be active almost everyday at noon, because that's my lunch period, and around 10AM, because that's my computer class. Besides that, it'll only be around 9PM on weekdays, and random time on regular days.

Chaos Crystal KHBBS.pngProjectsChaos Crystal KHBBS.png

I'm trying to set up my own arena, since that seems to be the thing to do around here :) see-->here.

Chaos Crystal KHBBS.pngChecklistChaos Crystal KHBBS.png

358/2 Days

  • Kill the Dustflier
  • Get EVERY treasure chest
  • Complete all the missions to full
  • Complete all Challenges


  • Unlock every Finish command
  • Upgrade Ultima weapon to full
  • Get every avatar piece
  • Find all of the rare prize blox.

Birth By Sleep

  • Finish all of the storylines.
  • Unlock all of the commands.
  • Find all of the treasure chests.
  • Finish the Final Episode.
  • Find all of the stickers.
  • Get all of the Keyblades.
  • Unlock the secret movie.
  • Get all of the stickers

The Keyhole

  • Finish Syx's article.
  • Scan Copycat artwork.
  • Scan character concept.
  • Reach 500 edits.
  • Reach 700 edits.
  • Reach 1000 edits.
  • Reach 1500 edits
  • Make an archive for my talk page.
  • Finish setting up the Arena of Death.

Chaos Crystal KHBBS.pngMy UserboxesChaos Crystal KHBBS.png

Chaos Crystal KHBBS.pngFriendsChaos Crystal KHBBS.png

If you want to be my friend, you can either contact me on my talk page or just add your userbox here. Take mine if you want! {{User Coldasfire}} It works both here and on .net!

Chaos Crystal KHBBS.pngYou And Everyone ElseChaos Crystal KHBBS.png

So, here I'm just gonna say random stuff about my official wiki friends(see above section) and who they are and such.

Chainoffire: My first official wiki friend. People are constantly confusing me with him, because he's COF and I'm CAF. He is Axel, and a second-generation editor on this wiki.

FinalRest: My second official wiki friend. The only other female active on the wiki, my first messages to her were about my char article for the fated RP. She checked my article again...and again...and again...and again...then grammar checked it when no one else could. She is Namine, and a second-generation editor. GIFTS:

  • Hades Paradox Cup Trophy.png

You can't see it, but it says: "To Coldasfire, for fighting the good fight and proving that she can even make a signature annoying."

13sora: 13sora, 13sora, 13sora. He lives closer to me than anyone else on the wiki, a minuscule distance of 500 miles. My third official wiki friend, and the one to challenge me to a sig war. He is Demyx, and a third-generation editor.

He's gone now, the pressure of real-life having gotten to him, but he's one friend I will never forget. From dealing with vandals together to making each other's talk page lag, he was probably my closest friend on this wiki.

LegendAqua: LegendAqua, my fourth official friend, is the anime reviewer and the hoster of who-knows-how-many arenas. He is also the owner of the changing sig, which Chainoffire also took up, and which I'm still trying to figure out. He is the only male who is a female: Aqua. He's also a second-generation staff member.

ArchAngelus: ArchAngelus, my fifth official wiki friend, used to be an moderator here and was a Featured User of the Month. I'm not sure what he is, an angel of some sort. Archie is a second-generation editor.

Pedrokingdomhearts: Another new user, PKH is active in many of the user-made competitions here, like 13sora's Windows of Time and LegendAqua's Puzzling Aqua. He's Mickey here, and a third generation editor.

Darkheart3: Darkheart, my seventh official friend, was the one to first tell me what to do. I think he used to be Sora...now he's someone named Cor.

Jkls39: Jkls39, more commonly known as Kessie, is my newest friend and a nice one at that. She just recently joined the wiki and totally blossomed. I think she's also Namine.

Coldasfire: The paradoxial awesome user who owns this page. She's Larxene, and one of the last second-generation users on this wiki. She has a thing for unicorns, Minecraft, and Antarctica.

Chaos Crystal KHBBS.pngSignaturesChaos Crystal KHBBS.png

I compiled all of my sigs into a SINGLE CHANGING SIG.


Thanks to Chaineh and LA!

If you're looking for my sig war sigs, look here.

Chaos Crystal KHBBS.pngTalk BubblesChaos Crystal KHBBS.png

All of my current talk bubbles are HEREHERE. The quotes that I use come from both the games and the manga, and some other books I've managed to read. And from my imagination. Look out for my imagination.

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