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The girl stood, basked in the radiant glow of pure light. Shining mist swirled around her as she silently examined her bright surroundings in the middle of a bright forest clearing. She walked through the golden path until she came to a sparkling blue lake and a pure white fountain.

“I don’t belong here.”

“Light and dark, all are same in the end. Which is, if I may say, coming very soon.”

She spun around to face the cloaked man, startled. Her green eyes flashed, but then reduced to a dull shine as she relaxed her combat-ready stance.

“Why did you bring me here?”

The man half-smiled; a sign of rare amusement, or perhaps, imminent doom. He walked towards her casually as she stepped back and tensed.

“I have the answers. About you.”

Half-hidden in the shadow of a pine tree, the girl showed no sign of reaction.

“I acquired what I needed long ago. You cannot have possibly found the rest.”

Again, the cloaked man smiled and chuckled. He extended his arm and darkness began to swirl and pulse around him. The sun was hidden behind a cloud of pure chaos and darkness began to overpower the shining world of light.

“Not the rest. The Remnants of what once was.”

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