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My epic friends

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Name Chihuasa Mappel
Title Chihuahuaman
Gender Male
Likes Video Games, Food, Being with Friends and Family, Life, Animals, Earth, Existence.
Dislikes School, Murderer, Hatred, Evil, Mudkipz, Death.
Orientation Heterosexual.
Favorite Video Game(s) Kingdom Hearts (Freakin' Duh!), Pokemon, Spectrobes, Digimon, Final Fantasy, MMOs, Most RPGs (I Prefer Action RPGs.), Stuff Like That. (More To Be Added Soon)
Dream Job(s) Police Officer, Keyblade Master (Impossible, i know but don't say that it would not be awesome.)
Favorite Kingdom Hearts Character(s) Terra, Ventus, Aqua, Sora, Riku, Most Org. XIII Members, Ansem The Wise (Cristopher Lee is epic!), Vanitias, Master Eraqus (Mark Hamil? YESH!1!1!1!1!), Stich. (More to be added soon)
Least Favorite Kingdom Hearts Character(s) Larxene (OF COURSE HER!), Vanitias (Because he is SUCH A JERK-FACE!!), Xehanort (Betray the man that nursed you back to health and try to kill us all? I don't think so!), Pete, Master Eraqus (He tried to kill Ventus!!!), Kairi. (More to be added soon)
Birthday November 6
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