This song is awesome!

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"Sora, you're lucky. Looks like my summer vacation is...over.." -Roxas, i feel the same buddy.

ugh! damn school! i have no friends and i have been wasting summer cleaning my house because my parents are making me! to top it all off summer vacation is almost over! ugh and my b-day is in Nover on the 6th no new KH game untill then... probably not gonna see any of you again much untill June 2011. goodbye in advance.-Asa

KH Games(so far)

Kingdom Hearts - Complete

Kingdom Hearts Chain (and RE: Chain) of Memories - Complete

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories (and RE Chain of Memories) Reverse\Rebirth Mode - Complete

Kingdom Hearts II - Complete

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - Complete

an interesting tidbit of info is that i got the NA KH2 before it came out in america, yes i got the japanese version with a simple translation, but Haley Joel Osment sounded no less convincing.

PSN ID: SquareEnicks

PS3 ID: Batman

PSP ID: don't hav one yet, gonna get the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Bundle from Gamestop. -

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