Daybreak Town

Daybreak Town KHX
Katakana デイブレイクタウン

Romaji Deibureiku Taun
Game Kingdom Hearts χ

World Daybreak Town

Daybreak Town is a town that appears in Kingdom Hearts χ and serves as the hub for the player. The town is similar in appearance to Radiant Garden and Traverse Town.


Kingdom Hearts χ [chi]

After first arriving at Daybreak Town from Dive to the Heart, the player is immediately attack by a Darkside, which steps out of a corridor of darkness. The player is rescued by the Foreteller of the chosen Union who repels the Darkside and vanishes alongside with it in the corridor. Chirishii, who arrived together with the Foreteller, explains to the player that the world is being covered in darkness and the only way to protect it, is to collect light and defeat the Heartless with the Keyblade. He promises to look after the player and teach him many things. Chirishii further explains that the Keyblade the player uses is in an incomplete state, so it needs something to draw its power from, namely from the Cards, called "fragments" by him.

When Chirishii leaves the player tries to pick up his first card but is interrupted by a Moogle, who claims the card belongs to him but is willing to trade it. With his newly found power the player is able to defeat three Shadows that were roaming around the fountain square when the Foreteller returns through a portal from the Lanes Between. He acknowledges that the Keyblade is now strong enough to defeat weak Heartless but that it takes more to overcome the stronger ones. Like it has been summoned for this line the Darkside returns for a final assault as the Foreteller is gathering more members of his Union to demonstrate the power when those who fight the darkness join forces. After the Darkside is vanquished and the Forteller is preparing to open a gateway he heeds a final warning to the player, explaining that not all who can fight against the darkness and seek to collect the light have intentions to bring peace to the world because they are collecting the light for their own greed.

Chirishii returns once more, claiming that the darkness also emerged on other worlds the player now can go to, because the door to the outside world has been opened already. The player uses his keyblade to open a portal by himself and leaves Daybreak Town.


KHX Icon Name Description
Chirishii (チリシィChirishii?) A cat-like anthropomorphic character
Anguis Foreteller The Foreteller of the Anguis Union
Leopardos Forteller) The Foreteller of the Leopardos Union
Unicornis Foreteller The Foreteller of the Unicornis Union
Ursus Foreteller The Foreteller of the Ursus Union
Vulpeus Foreteller The Foreteller of the Vulpeus Union



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