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When linking to a Userpage, the word User: has to go before the username of the person you are trying to reach. If you want to get to someone's talk page, you put User talk: before their username.
ex: User:FinalRest, User:Chainoffire, User talk:Chainoffire, User talk:LegendAqua (Please don't spam these poor people.)
Some pages require you to put Kingdom Hearts Wiki: before the page you want to get to.
ex: Kingdom Hearts Wiki:The Underdrome, Kingdom Hearts Wiki:Staff, Kingdom Hearts Wiki: Pages for Deletion.
If you want to link a word that isn't the name of the page you are linking to, you would put a | in between the page name and the words you want to link to. So if you wanted to link to the main page using the word "Mickey Mouse" Then you would do this: [[Kingdom Hearts Wiki|Mickey Mouse]] to make it look like this: Mickey Mouse. You can do this with any page, as long as it's on Kingdom Hearts Wiki.
This kid, my userpage and this big collection of deleted stuff!!

  • [Page Name] - This coding is used to link to anywhere on the internet. This will turn out as a number instead of the actual URL. This is nice when URLs are extremely long.
    ex: [1] (youtube) But

Text formatting

  • ''Text'' - This will italicize text.
  • '''Text''' - This will bold the text.
  • '''''Text''''' - This will italicize and bold the text.
  • <s></s> - This will strike out the text.

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