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Chainoffire Birthday Gift 2017

Chainoffire - The omelet came first and birthed both the chicken and the egg simultaneously. The chicken and the egg are twins. The omelet was a magic flavoured omelet. All that was required to make it was some diced onion. No one knows where the great omelet hails from, but some say that if you listen hard enough you can still hear the mystical meal wandering through the clouds, calling out for salt and peppers passed. Stop quoting me!!!! XP
TALK - If at first you don't succeed, remove all evidence that you tried. Get it memorized 04:29, March 8, 2018 (UTC)
KA_MK_sprite_zps3r96vv6m.png Hey Hey all! I'm Chainoffire, (aka CoF/Chain) a HUGE Kingdom Hearts fan and former administrator here at The Keyhole. As you may or may not have noticed, I've been a bit M.I.A. for... a long time. Life moves on. I no longer have access to the wiki like I used to, and no time to do so. Thus, I'm officially announcing my retirement from The Keyhole. I haven't been the admin I should've lately, and so I am finally making it official.

Thank you all for the fun times I've had here though. From the Wiki-wide Roleplay, making a magazine, solving riddles, random chats on the IRC, to staying up until the wee hours of the morning figuring out how a FRICKIN' TABLE FUNCTIONS UGH. I had fun. This was great. I've made a lot of friends from this site, and got to chat face-to-face with a lot of you. Heck I met two of you in person! It was fantastic! Thanks for feeding my obsession.

Special shout out to the three of you still here, and probably the only three that'll read this message. :P

Draaek, Kajit of the wiki. Your dragons, drawings, and overall creativity brought me joy. Oh! And your arena too! I always looked forward to seeing that change. I don't really have much else, to say, other than giving you my undying gratitude for making this place fun with your unique personality and hard work. I'll see you on Skype/Discord probably. Rock on my favorite Dragon!

Aixon, my protégé. It was fun teaching you the coding and work-arounds of the wiki. I wish Roxas was still here to help me with witty banter. But alas, as FR's REAL favorite, (Talk bubbles mean nothing!) I have no banter. ;P Kill those last JPGs for me, will ya? I'll see you on Facebook/Discord probably.

FinalRest, my partner in crime/rival since like.. 2013. Dude. We kicked butt on so many projects that we procrastinated on. You've been here longer than anyone I know. Way to go for the long haul. I've taken a lot I've learned from you. I'll miss your HUUUUUUGE talk bubbles cluttering my talkpage and working with you on annoying projects. And yes, I do still read your anime reviews. Of course I'll still be emailing you after forgetting about it for 2 months. Fight on FR!

I wish I could give you three hugs! So hug yourselves for me! You three have my undying gratitude for staying here. Hit me up if any of you ever come to the states.

I can't express how much I miss this place and how thankful I am for being able to interact with the community here. I thought that when I'd leave, I would be tearing up, but instead there's a huge smile on my face that can't leave as I look back on my talkpage archives. This community will always have a huge spot in my heart *ba-dum. tiss!* and I'll never forget the fun times I've had here. Now let's look forward to Kingdom Hearts III!

(Also, if anyone wants to view my REALLY OUTDATED userpage, it still exists.) KA_Kirby_sprite_zpsro1rrat1.png

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