"You don't know what it's like, not knowing who you are. That's why I'm fighting. When I think I remember something, I don't know if it's a memory or just a dream. It... tortures me."

Sidus Azimuth (サイダスアジマス) is a 17 year old boy with a mysterious past. He was from the Tredecim Empire but was whisked away by the darkness, which sent him to a faraway world with little to no memories of his past.

Journal entries

First Entry

A mysterious boy who possesses strange powers due to the VAS NOVUM project. He seeks to find the answer to his existence and his past. Sidus is quick and battle and relies more on speed rather than strength. His weapon is the Gunblade, a weapon that can switch between a gun and a blade.


Prologue of the Prologue

There once existed a world that lived in perfect harmony. The kingdoms that ruled the world were at peace. They were friendly with one another. They helped one another. Except for one. The Tredecim Empire was ruled by an evil, power-hungry man by the name of Macht. 17 years ago, the man thirsted for power. He disregarded the rest of the world as ignorant fools who stood in his way. So, he aspired to conquer the world, which he would rule with an iron fist. But he knew that doing this would require an immense force, for even though the kingdoms were friendly, they all had a powerful army in case of any danger. And thus the VAS NOVUM project began. The project revolved around one goal: to create the ultimate killer weapon. Over time, this weapon became a 17 year old boy. The boy was named Sidus Azimuth. The weapon was named VAS NOVUM.

VAS NOVUM was controlled by Macht through the helmet that the weapon wore. The weapon destroyed the many kingdoms of the world in its stride with Gunblade in one hand and the command of the Tredecim army in the other. It was unstoppable.

The Beginning of the End

One pitch black night, after the last safe kingdom was conquered, when the night was so dark that one couldn't even see the darkest crow in the night sky, VAS NOVUM was stolen away by a rebel group called the Resistance. Upon removing the helmet, VAS NOVUM's trance was broken. Having no recollection of his past, Sidus joined the Resistance to find the meaning of his existence.

After much fighting and hardship, Sidus and his friends manage to infiltrate and destroy Tredecim and Macht flees. Sidus searches through the records in the castle library and finds the VAS NOVUM project. Realizing the truth of his existence and that Macht had used him to conquer the world, Sidus sets out to destroy Macht once and for all. Sidus and the Resistence finally find Macht in his large castle. Unbeknownst to them, however, Macht had taken VAS NOVUM's data and synthesized it into his own DNA, turning himself into a colossal monster, ARMIS MORTEM, now gaining enough power to control the entire universe. Sidus, channeling his power as VAS NOVUM, manages to defeat and destroy ARMIS MORTEM.

After the Battle

The Resistance then work to rebuild the world, while Sidus traverses through the ruins of Macht's Castle, hoping to find some answer to who and what he is. He stumbles upon a strange hidden chamber. Upon unsheathing his Gunblade, the sword turns into a large key-shaped object. As he glances at a wall, Sidus stares in horror as words are scrawled onto the wall by an invisible hand. "The Key to the Heart. The Key to the Hearts of Men and Worlds. Unlock the Heart. Unlock the World. Change the Heart. Change the World."

Sidus, only half knowing what he was doing, impales himself with the key. In doing so, he chooses to give up his powers of light, so he would never be used again, so he would never put the world in danger again, so he could be a different person than the one who let himself be controlled by an evil man. In exchange, he chose to gain powers over darkness, to know what lay beyond the darkness that clouded his past. As darkness flies around him, Sidus didn't have time to look back at the world he was leaving. Forever.


Sidus has pitch black hair and deep green eyes. He wears a faded white sleeveless shirt with a leather jacket over it, black pants with a small chain attached to it, black shoes, two belts crossed in the shape of an "X", and a small pendant with a crystal adorned on it. Across his face is a scar with an unknown source. Protruding from his back and onto his left side is a single black-feathered wing.




To see an image of the Gunblade, click here.
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Sidus's primary weapon is a Gunblade, a weapon that can switch between the appearance and function of a gun and a sword. In Gun-mode, the Gunblade fires magic bullets at enemies with deadly accuracy. In Blade-mode, the Gunblade is designed to deliver fast strikes at moderate strength.


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