Name CaelumLucisCaliga
A.K.A Caelum/CLC
Gender Male
Age 14
Birthday February 9 (REMEMBER TO WISH ME A HAPPY BDAY!!!)
Finished Games Kingdom Hearts
Re:Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts II
358/2 Days
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy X
Dissidia Final Fantasy
Currently Playing inFamous
Assassin's Creed

Hey! CaelumLucisCaliga of teh KHWiki here! I'm a small editor. Can't do images. Dabble in coding. I'm the gnome type who fixes spelling/grammer errors, rewrites some paragraphs, etc. Basically text stuff. I'm also good with big-time revamps. I've been forced dispatched by DE to go here, clean it up a lot, and have it affiliate with us. Thanks a lot DE... :P Random Note: I liked this alot!

Awesome Friends of Mine!

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My Life Story

My Life In 9 Words


  • Caelum (in normal chat)
  • CLC (thumbs up for abbreviations?)
  • Caelum_ (on irc, because Caelum is always taken :P)
  • KefkaLucisCaliga (on irc, because Kefka is FTW)
  • Sidus (RPowah)

My Beastly Sig!

Most of these are Yogi Berra quotes. (Note: not to be confused with Yogi Bear) Heartless Emblem You better cut the pizza in four pieces cause I'm not hungry enough to eat six Heartless Emblem

My Personal Talk bubbles

These talkbubbles were made possible by: JFHavoc's Talk Bubble 101, HikariKH's pics, SER's pic of Jeremie's head, and other *cough* sources.

Roxas- Normal Sprite KHD
CaelumLucisCaliga Talk! - What are you talking about? I am me! Nobody else!

Sora, you're lucky. Looks like my summer vacation is ... over.

Roxas's Symbol smallMy normal bubble, used in everyday conversation. RETIREDOathOblivTalkPic
Roxas- Happy 2 Sprite KHD
CaelumLucisCaliga Wanna talk? - Like I asked. Know-it-all!

Oh thanks!

Roxas's Symbol smallMy happy bubble, used when I'm in a generally positive mood. RETIREDOathOblivTalkPic
Roxas- Angry Sprite KHD
CaelumLucisCaliga Talk, Now! - Is that supposed to be a joke? 'Cause I'm not laughing!

No! My heart belongs to me!

Roxas's Symbol smallMy angry bubble, used when I'm angry or frustrated. RETIREDOathOblivTalkPic
Mandy talkbubble
CaelumLucisCaliga What? - I'm just a pretty ... Little ... GIRL.

Well Grim, I gotta say. This is ... a real surprise.

My Mandy bubble, thanks to HikariKH RETIRED
Jeremie talkbubble
CaelumLucisCaliga Do you want to talk? - You're new around here.

Return to the past now!

My Jeremie bubble, thanks to SER RETIRED
CaelumLucisCaliga Talk! - Join the Darkness. We have cookies.

Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Heartless Emblem The first of my signature talk bubbles.
CaelumLucisCaliga Talk! - The only thing sad about Final Fantasy X...

Is that it leads to Final Fantasy X-2

Heartless Emblem Quite true.
CaelumLucisCaliga Talk! - My level 3 troll can totally defeat your level 5 ogre!


Heartless Emblem Let's go fight! After school! In World of Warcraft! :P
CaelumLucisCaliga - Why do I feel so...2-dimensional?
TALK - {{{time}}}
Heartless Emblem I feel so cartoony...
CaelumLucisCaliga updated his Facebook profile at
Heartless Emblem Ha! I don't have a Facebook profile, STALKERS!
Heartless Emblem Where's up? Where's down? I don't know! CRASH!
CaelumLucisCaliga Talk! - My dragon eats tofu like it's water!

I don't think highly of myself. I think lowly of others.

CaelumLucisCaliga Talk! - Charles Dickens is such a n00b!

A Tale of Two Cities is so lvl 2!

Heartless Emblem God bless Sparknotes...
CaelumLucisCaliga Talk! - I smile because...

...I have no idea what's going on.

Heartless Emblem :) :D :P ^_^
CaelumLucisCaliga Talk! - Rain, rain, go away. That's what all my haters say!

Cool story, bro. Tell it again.

Heartless Emblem Don't be hatin!
CaelumLucisCaliga Talk! - I don't suffer from insanity...

...I enjoy every second of it.

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