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30px Blitz $ora 30px
Auron (Art) KHII.png
japanese translation ブリッツそら
Race Humanoid
Gender Male
Favorite character Riku
favorite Organization XIII character marluxia
favorite keyblade Star Seeker
favorite world Olympus Coliseum

Hi,my nick is Blitz $ora and I'm a BIG FAN of Kingdom Hearts!!! In here I will talk about kingdom hearts and on my favorite thing in it.

30px Kingdom Hearts 30px

I first discovered the game when I was watching in video games to ps2 Youtube and click on video of Kingdom Hearts,after that I got Kingdom hearts 1.I finished Kingdom Hearts 1 on level 100 with all 99 puppies found,all trinity's discover,all optional bosses defeted(Except from Sephiroth) and all sora keyblades,donald rods and goffy shields I got Kingdom Hearts 2,i didn't understand why roxas was my player in the start and not sora (I didn't know much about roxas then)and why sora sleep in that pod.just before the end of the game I understood that roxas is sora's nobody and he was needed to revive sora and that DiZ was the real ansem and ansem,seeker of darkness was xehanort heartless but I still didn't understand what happened to sora and how riku and mickey get out of the realm of darkness and start work with DiZ.After finished Kingdom Hearts 2 with player lvl 99 all drive forms lvl 7,summon lvl 7,optional boss sephiroth defteted and i got keyblades,rods and shields i checked on internet about other games of Kingdom Hearts series and i found Kingdom Hearts Re:CoM and got it,this games was the hardest game because it's hard to level up and to get the cards.In the end of sora's staory i understood why he was in the pod but after i finished the screen chand into picture of riku with headline Kingdom Hearts reverse\rebirth and i didn't ander stand why so i clicked on start game and click on the option riku and started to play.In the end i understood how they get out of the realm of darkness and started work with DiZ.Kingdom Hearts Re:CoM was the last game of Kingdom Hearts series that i played and i want to play other games but i have just ps2 so i can't play other games.


My favorite weapon is keyblade and my most favorite keyblades are Star Seeker because this is was Yen Sid and mickey keyblade and the second favorite keyblade he Guardian Soul because is the coolest keyblade.there are other weapon i like like like Triton's trident and Donald's Fantasista but my favorite is keyblade.

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