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Hi,i'm Blitz $ora and Huge fannnnn of kingdom hearts!!!!! In here i will about kingdom hearts and my favorite things in these game.

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The first game from kingdom hearts series i played was kingdom hearts 1.I first watching a clip of the game in youtube and in the clip i saw sora,donald and goofy talking and after that fighting some heartless (i didn't knew that they call like that when watching the clip at the first time),after that i started to play the game and in the start i didn't realize the game but after the first world i finished i started to like the game and now i have saving (on 'easy mode') with sora LVL 100,with Ultima Weapon,after defeating kurt zisa,Phantom and ice titan(i still didn't defeat sepiroth,is too hard).

Symbol - Crown.png Blitz $ora Symbol - Crown.png
Auron (Art) KHII.png
japanese translation ブリッツそら
Race Humanoid
Gender Male
Favorite character Riku
favorite Organization XIII character marluxia
favorite keyblade Star Seeker
favorite world Olympus Coliseum
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