• I live in Brazil
  • I was born on January 25
  • I am Male

Unfortunately, My PC's Hard Disk somewhat bugged entirely, and I'm posting this from phone. Just hope there's still people working on here when I come back, really. Anyways, I'll be back!
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"You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one."
—"Imagine", The Beatles

ArchAngelus, often called as Archie, Arch, or even Little Angel, is a Moderator of the Keyhole, and also a very known user in around its community. He faces the daily reality of vandalism and disrespect with this newborn fansite, but, with the help of his friends, he manages to continue your work — revamp this site without disturbing its peace. He is also a very good friend, not letting anyone down in a moment of need, and also is willing to help any confused newbie in sight. He started his way through here in March 2011, reaching the status of a staff member in the start of 2012.

ArchAngelus's name is a clear reference to an Arch Angel, the most powerful and respected of the angelical species[1], not to be confused with a Wiki Arch Angel. Archie is online very often, and shall reply at least in a day to your message. He is also part of the Keyhole Facebook Group.

Journal Entries

First Entry

The Keyhole (2011)

An active and friendly editor of the wiki. He is mostly quiet, but sometimes decides to contribute even more.

Although Brazilian, He prefers to stay in an American wiki, rather than one in portuguese.

Any newbie or whatsoever needing help, he's willing to do as much as he can to solve the problem.

Second Entry

The Keyhole (2011)

A hardworking member of the new society. Due to his behavior, he warranted the place of Moderator in the Keyhole

All in all, the revamping of the fansite is just getting started, and Archie is willing to help out the others as best as he can

He is taking care specifically of projects, but is also doing many other things to keep this site alive, just like the others



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Eva06UserboxSy.png The time has arrived, ArchAngelus.
I'll show you true happiness!
Roxas and Axel This user teamed up with their friend Axel and betrayed the Organization to help Sora and Roxas.
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User Roxas 2 This user is a good friend of RoxasNobody, who knows originality is for chumps.
D-Link Emblem KHBBS This user forged a D-Link with Luxris.
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  1. Although having a name referencing the Angel species, ArchAngelus does not truly believe in Judaism, Christianity, and so on. Instead, he chose the name because he is fascinated with mythology
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