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Come Sora, friend or traitor, come. Come and look upon Kingdom Hearts and the χ-Blade. And bring the Seven Guardians of Light. I have need of them.

Xehanort, probably

Anselmo499, also known by the pen-name of DarthImperius, is an former Bureaucrat and editor of Kingdom Hearts Wiki.

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Greetings, fellow editors!

As the above introduction says, I was once a bureaucrat and administrator of Kingdom Hearts Wiki, having abandoned these roles in order to have less distractions from my college studies. I was born and live in Portugal, having English as my secondary language, also knowing bits of Spanish and a very fragmented knowledge of German. I studied History of Art in Lisbon, attaining the degree of licenciate in 2018, and I also have a great interest in the history and culture of the Byzantine Empire.

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