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Name Andrew
Gender Male
Hometown Adelaide, Australia
Date of Birth January 17, 1996
Age 13
Height Quite Tall
Orientation Straight
Religion Christian (I didn't choose)
Ethnicity White / Caucasian

Hello, I Am Andrew.

Hello everyone, my name is Andrew and I go under the screen name of Andrewrox (woooo!!!! Irony!). I am from Australia. The country that is currently full! (jokes jokes). You may have seen me at:

I also regularly visit HeartStation and Kingdom Hearts Insider for Kingdom Hearts news because this wiki lacks Kingdom Hearts news.

Me With Kingdom Hearts.

A bit like Doc Rocco, I don't have a big story with the Kingdom Hearts series. But I can stretch it out a bit. I became obsessed with the great series in 2003 at a friends house. I was 7 or 8 years old and they got Kingdom hearts out of the drawer and into the PlayStation 2. At this time they were stuck at beating Cerberus. We all kept trying to beat the giant. At this time I was not very good. We could not beat him so we went to other worlds. I was amazed.

When we had to leave the house I was sad. "Can I get this cool game Mum?" I asked. "Maybe later love" she said. Eventually I got the game. I was ecstatic. I breezed though the game until Riku/Ansem. That boss was impossible. NO JOKE- I tried at least 100 times and I was starting to get sick of the stupid cutscene. "There's no way your taking Kairi's heart!" Sora would bellow. I got annoyed. After the 100th time, i smashed the controller and started to tear up. I was angry. Then I beat him. YAY YAY YAY YAY!!! I was so happy. I then proceeded and beat Xehanort's Heartless.

Unfortunately I could not obtain Chain of Memories but I did not really know the significance of the game. I was a retard back then. I got Kingdom Hearts II in 2005. I got it from my Nanny (Nonna) and Nonno. I played it and found it very fun (yet easy). I was fascinated by the game still. I wanted to find out about a third installment ever since the letter at the end of KH2. I found a Kingdom Hearts 3 fan-website and looked at some info. I was upset that no games had been announced. A while passed and then on my visit to this [unnamed] fansite I saw 3 logos.

Kingdom Hearts Coded, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. I was very excited. At this current time, very little was announced. I knew that 358/2 Days would be about Roxas, Coded would be on Mobile Phones and that Birth By Sleep had new characters. When no no information surfaced I hopped off the computer and focused on School Work. Year 6, the easy year. To be honest, I forgot about Kingdom Hearts for the rest of year 6 and ALL of year 7. It wasn't until my great friend Matt Bero asked me for any good games to chip. I instantly yelled "Kingdom Hearts!" and he rented KH1 and KH2. This prompted me to play KH2 again. this time I was really good and beat the game even easier. I even decided to try and get the Ultima Weapon. I even beat Sephiroth. Sephiroth was hard, because I accidentally used the Gull Wing Keyblade (that Keyblade is GAY). If you want to see me destroying Sephiroth in under 2 minutes, click here

in June 2009, I obtained a JAPANESE copy of 358/2 Days on my DS. It was a really sad and heartwarming game. The gameplay was excellent and the story was amazing. And the graphics? Amazing. truly good. I am extremely excited about the Australian version. (English vers.) The one game I am incredibly excited about is Birth By Sleep. Nomura said in the new Ultamania Book interview that alot of things will a) connect to 358/2 Days and b) be answered and linked to other installments. But the game that is not mentioned enough is coded. It may be on the Mobile Phone but it is said to have a man in a black coat and reveal what Riku and King Mickey was doing when Sora, Donald and Goofy were adventuring. Very exciting.

well... That's my (what I thought was gonna be short) long history with Kingdom Hearts. I started at a young age. Now I am older and still think it is an excellent series.


This is the first time EVER that I have used userboxes. If they don't look good then don't come crying to me..

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Well, you've reached the end of my page. Thanks for reading it. --Andrewrox 05:14, 28 June 2009 (UTC)


This is my page. If you copy stuff I will kill you. No Joke. I will hunt you down and find you. be afraid, be very afraid. I love Kingdom Hearts. I have a mac, suck on that! Macs are awesome, and you are not. I personally think that Australia is a beautiful country. People should envy Australia. But did I mention that it's full? Oh yeah I did. I love ranting. And procrastinating. Do you? If you do, contact me. If you do not contact me you will have a horrible life. If you are reading this you are insane and need medication. Does that mean I need medication. p..p...p...possibly... RAWR.

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