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Ursa Major is an Axe Sword that can be wielded by Lexaeus in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Ursa Major+.


The Ursa Major's handle is a short, black rod with a short, orange spike set in its pommel. Its blade is massive and flares out near both ends. The upper half of the blade is also curved, and somewhat resembles a upright version of the blade on Marluxia's Graceful Dahlia. Another, much smaller blade extends straight up from the handle and resembles a spike on the Nobody logo. The counterweight is an orange pyramid that also resembles one of the spikes on the Nobody logo when viewed in profile. Both blades are orange and have silver edges. The Clarity Axe Sword shares the same design as this one, except for its different coloration.

Ursa Major is the constellation better known as the Big Bear or Big Dipper. "Ursa" is the Latin word for big, which reflects on the axe-sword's massive counterweight. As well as this, in Final Fantasy X, Auron can wield a katana of the same name. Alkaid is a star in the Ursa Major constellation.


The Ursa Major's ground combo starts with Lexaeus performing a forwards run, holding the weapon sideways in front of him, followed by a quick ramming attack, and ends with a one-handed 360-degree slash.

The aerial combo consists of a single one-handed sideways slash.

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