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Up to Eleven is a Sitar that can be wielded by Demyx in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Up to Eleven+.


The Up to Eleven has a two-pronged headstock and a neck with concave edges. The prongs on the headstock have navy blue inner edges and gold outer ones. The neck is gold. The sitar’s body resembles an upside-down “V”. The upper half of the body is rounded and navy blue, and the lower half is the same color. The entire body has gold edges. The Interlude has three white strings that are anchored to the body by a gold, triangular piece. The Up to Eleven and the Interlude are palette swaps of each other.

Its name is a reference to a joke from the rock comedy/mockumentary film This Is Spinal Tap, wherein band member Nigel Tufnel explains that their amps' volume dials go up to eleven, as opposed to ten, for the sake of being able to play louder.


Up to Eleven's ground combo starts with a 360-degree spinning attack, after which, Demyx strums the sitar, emitting a yellow shockwave which damages any enemies around him, followed by a leap and a very fast airborne spinning attack. The next move of the combo is repeat of the the first move, and is followed by a blast of three yellow shockwaves forwards.

The aerial combo consists of a series of very fast airborne spinning attacks, followed by four quick blasts of yellow shockwaves in an outward direction, and ends with a blast of three yellow shockwaves forwards. This weapon has no Y-Combo.

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