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The Unbirth are the enemies Terra, Ven and Aqua will face in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.


Although little information is available, these creatures have been thought to be extinct, for at least the time since the events of Kingdom Hearts (game), which occurs 10 years after the appearance of the Unbirth. They have also been linked to both Heartless and Nobodies, as neither apparently existed during the time of the Unbirth.


Although few scans have appeared and no specific enemy names are known, there is one case that is quite the opposite. A boss known as the Wheel Master is known to exist. The Wheel Master is the boss in the Sleeping Beauty world due to the wheel and needle.



2 types of Unbirth have been shown in scans. A small, skinny creature, blue in color, and a large creature also colored blue. Both feature odd red eyes and large, zig-zagging antennae/ears. The skinny one has been thought to be named an "Amber" Unbirth, however this was a mistranslation. In a new scan, both flower like Unbirth and pot-like Unbirth are shown. The flower looks like a potted flower with vines for arms that seems to spin around like a top, while the Pot is simply a red pot with bat wings.


Some think their alliegance is to just evil itself having no cause. Others think it may be used by a boss of the new game that means we will have to wait and see if they are pure evil as suggested,saying they have no soul, or whether they are controled by an unknown entity.

List of known Unbirth

Known Name Unbirth

Unknown Name Unbirth

  • Big Sheel Blue
  • Rose
  • Plant with Tentacles
  • Black Bird
  • Shadowlike blue
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