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The Unbirths are the enemies Terra, Ven and Aqua will face in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Strangely enough, the Unbirth's emblem resembles the emblem of the Heartless. This could mean the two have some kind of connection.


Although little information is available, these creatures have been thought to be extinct, for at least the time since the events of Kingdom Hearts (game), which occurs 10 years after the appearance of the Unbirths. They have also been linked to both Heartless and Nobodies, as neither apparently existed during the time of the Unbirths.


First Theory

The name Unbirth resembles the words "Nobody" and "Heartless" in a certain manner, like so:

Heartless = Without hearts

Nobody = Bodiless

Unbirths = Not born

Their way of production could be connected to Nobodies and Heartless. While the Heartless are shown as dark beings and the Nobodies are twilight beings, it could be said that the Unbirths are beings of light, simply evil. The Unbirths could have a connection with the Heartless, and the Nobodies as they all seem to lack something.

What the three seem to lack is a part that makes up a complete person (Heart, Soul, and Body). The Nobodies lack a body, and Heartless lack a heart. This could mean the Unbirths lack a soul which might explain why they're enemies as they might have no free will of their own. This theory has yet to be confirmed as it is speculated that a soulless body is a dead being.

Second Theory

Another theory is that they are each corruption of parts of a complete person.

Heartless = Hearts = animal-like, instinctual

Nobody = Body = "adults," calculating

Unbirths = Souls = children, impulsive and driven by feelings

Heartless are, rather than having no heart, are corrupted hearts consumed by darkness. Heartless would generally be animal-like, living off instincts. Nobodies are, rather than bodiless entities, are living bodies seeking to restore their hearts and find a place among light or darkness. Nobodies would be systematical beings, of an "adult" thinking. Based off this, one could say that Unbirths are souls of the realm of light who were not born into corporeal bodies, and would have a childish impulsiveness.

Third Theory

Another theory states that they are beings of a realm of Chaos, as Heartless are beings of a realm of Darkness, and Nobodies are beings of a realm of Nothingness. If so, this could explain why they're dangerous; they are unpredictable beasts with a hostile attitude, and simply destroy things because they can.

Fourth Theory

The fourth theory is that Unbirths are a kind of mix between a Heartless and a Nobody, since they appear similar to both. This is plausible since, as previously stated, Heartless and Nobodies did not exist during the time of BBS. It could be that, for some unknown reason, the Unbirths would split into Heartless and Nobodies. As all the other theories, this would be proven or disproven through BBS' story.

Fifth Theory

This theory is that the Unbirths are connected to the Door to Light, which is why they don't exist in KH1 or 2 as it is closed. The Heartless were only created by Xehanort just before the events in KH1 so that is why they don't exist in BBS, and the Nobodies didn't exist as Xehanort had a hand in their creation also. Thus if the Door to Light is opened, then the Unbirths would exist in the events after KH2. Its possible Unbirths did exist during KH1 and 2, but just didn't show up. Maybe because Terra, Ven, and Aqua destroyed them all or they decided not to meddle in their affairs.

Sixth Theory

Unbirths could be totally unrelated from Heartless or Nobodies, seeing as Unbirths lived at a different time than both Heartless and Nobodies. Heartless are hearts consumed by darkness while Nobodies are the remaining body and soul. Despite the name, Heartless do have hearts; they are hearts. Nobodies do have bodies. Most likely, Heartless are called Heartless because their hearts have been corrupted so much that they're barely hearts anymore, just demented beings. Nobodies are called what they are due to their non-existence. Unbirths may be named for the way they were created.

Seventh Theory

Some fans have speculated that the Unbirths are creatures lacking life and thus attack living creatures to attempt to gain life, a manner of behaviour similar to Heartless, who attack others with hearts.

Eighth Theory

The title of the game is Birth By Sleep. In Kingdom Hearts II Roxas dreamed the memories and experiances of Sora. Maybe the Unbirths are born through sleep, that is to say dreams or maybe memories.

Eighth Sub-Theory
"Maybe the Unbirths are born through sleep, that is to say dreams or maybe memories." It may be that it's through the sleep or memories of Nobodies, hence the name Unbirth. This is unlikely though since Nobodies did not exist during this time


Although few scans have appeared and no specific enemy names are known, there is one case that is quite the opposite. A boss known as the Wheel Master is known to exist. The Wheel Master is the boss in the Sleeping Beauty world due to the wheel and needle.



2 types of Unbirths have been shown in scans. A small, skinny creature, blue in color, and a large creature also colored blue. Both feature odd red eyes and large, zig-zagging antennae/ears. The skinny one has been revealed to be named an "Amber" Unbirth. In a new scan, both flower like Unbirths and pot-like Unbirths are shown. The flower looks like a potted flower with vines for arms that seems to spin around like a top, while the Pot is simply a red pot with bat wings.


Some think their alliegance is to just evil itself having no cause. Others think it may be used by a boss of the new game. that means we will have to wait and see if they are pure evil as suggested,saying they have no soul, or whether they are controled by an unknown entity.

List of known Unbirths

Known Name Unbirths

Unknown Name Unbirths

  • Big Sheel Blue
  • Rose
  • Plant with Tentacles
  • Black Bird
  • Shadowlike blue
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