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#REDIRECT [[List of Unversed]]
[[File:Unversedlogo.png|thumb|200px|The [[Unversed Emblem]].]]
{{Q|It happened when you and I were split into two. The negativity took shape as these monsters. They are what I feel—a horde of fledgling emotions under my control.|Vanitas, explaining the existence of the Unversed to Ventus}}
The {{nihongo|'''Unversed'''|アンヴァース|Anvāsu}}<ref>At one point, the Unversed were known in the past as "Unbirths" due to a fan mistranslation.</ref>, meaning "those who were not well-versed in their own existences", are the main enemies of the game ''[[Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep]]''. They are considered "the opposite of human life" and grow from the negative emotions produced when [[Vanitas]] was created from [[Ventus]]. It is because of this that Vanitas is able to control them. By all accounts, the Unversed are extensions of Vanitas himself.
Chronologically, the Unversed are either the first or second enemy referenced during ''[[Another side, Another story...|Deep Dive]]'', as they are the second race to manifest, but the first to attack the Realm of Light.
===''Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep''===
[[File:Vanitas and Unversed.png|thumb|270px|right|Vanitas explains the Unversed come from him.]]
Around the same time as [[Master Xehanort]] leaves the [[Land of Departure]], the existence of the Unversed is brought to the attention of [[Master Eraqus]] by the Keyblade master's old friend, Master [[Yen Sid]]. Master Eraqus sends Terra and Aqua (two of his three apprentices) on a quest to find Master Xehanort and put an end to the threat to the [[Princesses of Heart]] the Unversed pose. However, Eraqus did not plan on his other apprentice, Ventus, going after Terra. It is during Ventus's final battle with Vanitas (his dark half) that the truth behind the existence of the Unversed is revealed.
It is explained by Vanitas that the Unversed are his creations, loyal only to him. As he is a being created from the purest and most raw form of darkness, Vanitas manipulated the negative thoughts and emotions of others and spawn them in physical form as the Unversed. To serve both Master Xehanort's plans to create the χ-blade and his own desire to cause misery for others, Vanitas visited as many worlds as he could and release his minions.
The Unversed served as the perfect opponents for Terra, Ventus, and Aqua as they would grow stronger by defeating them, all part of Master Xehanort's scheme to create the χ-blade, take Terra's body for himself, and start a new [[Keyblade War]]. The only downside to defeating Unversed is that any of the negativity released after they're defeated ends up back in Vanitas, who can just respawn them into the worlds. The whole Unversed race disappears upon the the destruction of their progenitor, Vanitas, at the hands of [[Ventus]].
[[File:UnversedEyes.png|thumb|200px|The eyes of a crying Unversed.]]
Several varieties of Unversed appear over the course of ''Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep''. Emotion was a key component in their conception and design. Thus they are seen with smiling, angry, and crying "faces", referring to the shape of their red eyes, which all Unversed share. The emblem most Unversed are christened with is also meant to represent a heart that expresses emotion. <ref>'''''Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep''''' '''Ultimania Nomura Interview''' Their design concept became the theme of ‘emotion’, and we went with various motifs, such as a laughing face, angry face and crying face. The Unversed mark was also modeled on the heart from emotions.</ref>
==List of Unversed==
File:Red-Hot Chili.png|[[Red Hot Chili]]
File:Monotrucker (Official) KHBBS.png|[[Monotrucker]]
File:Thorn Bite.png|[[Thornbite]]
File:Shoe Gazer.png|[[Shoegazer]]
File:Chest Spider.png|[[Spiderchest]]
File:Arch Raven.png|[[Archraven]]
File:Hareraiser (Official) KHBBS.png|[[Hareraiser]]
File:Shade Jelly.png|[[Jellyshade]]
File:Illimitable Tank.png|[[Tank Toppler]]
File:Medicine Bottle.png|[[Vile Phial]]
File:Sonic Blaster.png|[[Sonic Blaster]]
File:Vile Face.png|[[Triple Wrecker]]
File:Wild Bruiser.png|[[Wild Bruiser]]
File:Blue Sea-Salt.png|[[Blue Sea Salt]]
File:Yellow Mustard.png|[[Yellow Mustard]]
File:Buckle Bruiser.png|[[Buckle Bruiser]]
File:Chrono Twister.png|[[Chrono Twister]]
File:Axe Flapper.png|[[Axe Flapper]]
File:Prize Pot.png|[[Prize Pod]]
File:Jelly Ball.png|[[Blobmob]]
File:Spring Loady.png|[[Glidewinder]]
File:Flame Box KHBBSFM.png|[[Flame Box]]
File:Lost Runner KHBBSFM.png|[[Lost Runner]]
File:Survival Bottle KHBBSFM.png|[[Survival Bottle]]
File:Diet Tank KHBBSFM.png|[[Diet Tank]]
File:Ringer Pot KHBBSFM.png|[[Ringer Pot]]
File:Jelly Glee Tea KHBBSFM.png|[[Jelly Glee Tea]]
File:Element Cluster KHBBSFM.png|[[Element Cluster]]
File:Shade Jelly KHBBSFM.png|[[Shade Jelly]]
File:Launching Plant KHBBSFM.png|[[Launching Plant]]
File:Wheel Master.png|'''[[Wheel Master]]'''
File:Symphony Master.png|'''[[Symphony Master]]'''
File:Cursed Carriage.png|'''[[Cursed Coach]]'''
File:Mad Treant.png|'''[[Mad Treant]]'''
File:Trinity Armor.png|'''[[Trinity Armor]]'''
File:Mimic Master.png|'''[[Mimic Master]]'''
File:Iron Prisoner.png|'''[[Iron Imprisoner|Iron Imprisoner I]]'''
File:Iron Prisoner II.png|'''[[Iron Imprisoner|Iron Imprisoner II]]'''
File:Iron Prisoner III.png|'''[[Iron Imprisoner|Iron Imprisoner III]]'''
File:Iron Prisoner IV.png|'''[[Iron Imprisoner|Iron Imprisoner IV]]'''
File:Vanitas Sentiment Art.png|'''[[Vanitas Remnant]]'''
*Unlike [[Heartless]] bosses and [[Nobody]] bosses (whom are enveloped in light when defeated), the Unversed bosses are consumed in a dark flame when vanquished.
*They lack a direct link to the heart, but are beings that represent emotions in hearts.
*It is possible they would reappear in future, if Vanitas returns.
==Notes and references==
==See also==
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