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A Union (ユニオン Yunion?) is a team that the player has to join in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts χ and Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ. There are five in total - Anguis (アングイス Anguisu?), Leopardos (レオパルドス Reoparudosu?), Unicornis (ウニコルニス Unikorunisu?), Ursus (ウルスス Urususu?) and Vulpes (ウルペウス Urupeusu?). Each Union is led by a mysterious Keyblade-wielding character known as a Foreteller, who are the five chosen apprentices of the Master of Masters.

The goal of each Union is to defend the worlds from the Heartless, collect light in form of Lux, and compete with the other Unions in those categories in different daily and weekly challenges.

Each Union is led by one of the following Foretellers:

  • Anguis - Foreteller Invi
  • Leopardos - Foreteller Gula
  • Unicornis - Foreteller Ira
  • Ursus - Foreteller Aced
  • Vulpes - Foreteller Ava
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