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Tyrant is a pair of Ethereal Blades that can be wielded by Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to the Tyrant+.


Tyrant is an elegant, two-pronged weapon identical in design to Overlord in every way except its color. The prongs intersect and leave a large gap shaped like an upside-down spade in the blade. There is another, teardrop-shaped gap in the handle. This form of Ethereal Blade glows green.


A "tyrant" is a ruler who exercises power in a harsh, cruel, and absolute manner. Its original meaning, however, is someone who rules with power seized through force, often (but not necessarily) used in an absolute fashion.


The ground combo of Tyrant consists of a quick spinning slice at a short range followed by a right thrust, a slash from left to right, a double slash from right to left, and a mid-range double-spin slash with knock back.

When striking with Tyrant, it creates blue and red sparks, contrary to its color.

The aerial combo is the same as for Annihilation. It consists of a double-spin slash, a quick upwards swing, and a quick double-spin slash with knock back to finish.

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