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The Twilight Thorn is a Nobody that is found in Kingdom Hearts II. It is one of the bosses at the Dive to the Heart. The Twilight Thorn is also the only boss-level Nobody that is not a member of Organization XIII; however, it does share an attack with the most powerful member of Organization XIII, Xemnas.


  • The Twilight Thorn tosses Roxas into the air to hurt him. This can be evaded by the use of the Reaction Commands that it makes.
  • The Twilight Thorn fires Tendrils of Darkness that can damage Roxas
  • The Twilight Thorn summons several Creepers to fight at its own side.

Unlike the Darkside, the head is the Twilight Thorn's only weak point, so aim for that. It begins by tossing Roxas into the air to hurt him - use the Reaction Commands at the right time - Key Counter and Lunarsault in particular. Then follow up with Break Raid; when on the ground do a combo. It will get up and begin to spam Tendrils of Darkness.

Many of Twilight Thorn's attacks can be guarded.

When it fires thorns use the Reaction Command, Reversal to get close to attack. But if it continuously fires thorns, even if you are close to its head, prioritize safety. Keep on using Reversal until it is safe to attack. The Twilight Thorn has a tendency to shift its shape, and sometimes you may see it upside down. Again, it will fire thorns. Keep on using Reversal, then attack his head twice and begin avoiding again.

Sometimes, Creepers will appear. If you are low on health it is a good idea to fight them as they have little health and drop HP orbs.

Just keep attacking his face in after the Break Raid reaction combo, and just use reaction commands when prompted, and it shouldn't be that much of a problem.

As the fight with the Twilight Thorn takes place at the beginning of the game and Roxas's stats are low, it is advisable to train him up to at least Level 5 and stock up more than three Potions. Use the Auto-Reload function and heal when necessary - poor evasion of the thorns can take a toll on Roxas's health.


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