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The Twilight Blaze is a Keyblade that can be wielded by Roxas and Xion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

It can be upgraded to the Twilight Blaze+. This Keyblade is very helpful for increasing combos and chains, through its abilities.


The Twilight Blaze's handle is pale green and surrounded completely by the guard, which is red. Each side of the guard sports two spikes that point diagonally downward. The shaft of the Keyblade has concave edges and ends in a point. The shaft is red orange at its base and gradually lightens in color the further up it is on the blade.

On the tip of the shaft is a large, silver, "X" shaped charm shaped like the upper half of the nobody symbol. This charm is the only thing that connects the teeth of the Keyblade to the rest of the weapon. The teeth are formed by a black, circular arc lined with spikes which is very similar to the guards of Frolic Flame and Maverick Flare. The Keychain token is a black disk lined with spikes, much like the teeth of the Keyblade.


The ground combo consists of a stab, a slash upwards, a hit upwards, and ending with a slash through. Pressing Y at the hit upwards will begin with a hit downwards in midair and a stab downwards.

The aerial combo starts with a frontal hit and ending with a stab downwards.

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