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Twilight is a Claymore that can be wielded by Saïx in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Twilight+.


The Twilight claymore has a silver handle with a bronze spike set in its pommel. Its guard is a stylized, black "X" shape. The main blade is long and rather thin. Its sides are ridged and its tip is a long, thin, triangular spike.

The tip and lower half is sky blue, with a small, yellow diamond set midway up the blade dividing the two sections.

One similarly designed blade—roughly half the length of the main blade—is present on either of the main blade's sides. These side blades are parallel to the main blade and each attaches to the yellow diamond in its center via a short, thin, metal rod. All three blades have grey edges.

When Saïx enters his berserker state, the base of the main blade becomes thinner and the tip shorter. The only sections of color remaining are the sky blue tip, a small, arrowhead-shaped section at the base of the same color, and the unchanged yellow diamond in the center.

The rest of the blade is grey. The side blades now angle slightly outward, and the link has disappeared. Their coloration has altered slightly to match the main blade. All three blades are now outlined and connected by a bladed, white border with yellow edges.

"Twilight" is the time of day between sunrise and dawn and sunset and dusk (thus, it is just before and just after the moon is in the night sky).

A recolored version of the Twilight appears in the game data.


Twilight's ground combo consists of two identical forward dashes and slow 360-degree spinning slashes, followed by a leap forward and a powerful downward slash.

The aerial combo consists of a sideways slash, followed by an upward diagonal slash and a more powerful downward vertical slash. This weapon has no Y-Combo.


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