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The Trinity Archives as it appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

Trinity Timeline.png

The Trinity Archives (トリニティレポート Toriniti Repōto?, lit. "Trinity Report") is the journal used in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, and details the adventures of Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. Each character has an individual report that covers their individual stories, but there is also a compiled archive covering all three characters, accessible from the game's main menu.

The compiled archive is divided into five sections: the "Timeline", displaying the entire adventure for all three protagonists in both graphic and text form, the "Theater", containing all the cutscenes in the game, the "Game Stats", summarizing the player's completion of the game, the "Trophies", earned for completing various achievements, and Xehanort's "Secret Reports", compiled in their entirety. The compiled archive is unlocked the first time the player clears an episode, and is updated each time episodes are cleared or re-cleared.

Game Stats

The game stats icon on the archive brings together all the achievements in the game. It automatically updates on the percentage of completion on all of its four sub-categories:

  • Combat: Increases as you battle Unversed and bosses and when you have beaten every type at least once, and have faced every boss once you've completed this section.
  • Mini games: Increases when a character completes a mini game outside the Mirage Arena, such as all of the Dream events in Disney Town.
  • Story: Increases as you advance through the game with each character until you complete them all.
  • Item Collection: Increases as you collect treasures in the game when all worlds have 100% on their treasures in each storyline you have completed this section. The "items obtained" includes the battle tickets, Keyblades (including optional Keyblades such as Void Gear and No Name) and all items must be obtained for every character.
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