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The Trickmaster is a boss from Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

The Trickmaster was a special Heartless with the ability to steal people's memories. It was sent to find the Wonderland keyhole and destroy Wonderland's heart. It was also sent to capture Alice. Though it succeeded in the latter, the Trickmaster was defeated before it could destroy Wonderland. Throughout most of Kingdom Hearts's adventure in Wonderland, the Trickmaster is referred to as the shadows or as the darkness (especially by the Chesire Cat). It was the one who attempted to steal the heart of the Queen of Hearts.

Despite being appearing to be one of the largest Heartless Sora fought, it was roughly the size of Donald Duck; Sora battled it while they were tiny. The Trickmaster's arms are apparently made of paper.


see:Trickmaster (Enemy Card)

Final Mix

In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, the Heartless was recolored with pink replacing red and lite-purple in place of black, giving the TrickMaster a more Wonderland-ish look.

TrickMaster (Final Mix battle)


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