Trick Ghosts are enemies from Kingdom Hearts II.

Replacing the Search Ghosts in one way or another, Trick Ghosts have solely appeared in Kingdom Hearts II. Their name derives from their tendency to use sneaky attacks that are hard to avoid. As with their predecessors, Trick Ghosts are artificial Heartless.

Trick Ghosts are almost like two enemies in one. A Trick Ghost attacks from a distance in the air by firing dark fireballs from the candle it holds. It may also attack by similarly releasing a slow, zig-zagging dark wisp. Alternatively, the Trick Ghost may drop to the ground and flip onto its head. On the ground, it will use a close-range strategy (similar to the Powerwild) and attack with its burly muscles. They are also one of the few species of Heartless which uses a darkness attack. Dark attacks are the least used in the games. In Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+, the Trick Ghosts were recolored purple, making them look more Heartless-like. It has four eyes: two above the mouth, and two below. When it flips over, it uses the second pair.

A powered-up version of the Trick Ghost is found in the Cavern of Remembrance.

Journal Entry

It has two faces, both of which need to be fought differently.

When in the air, move in close to seal its long-range attacks. When on the ground, move far away to avoid its short-range attacks.

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