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This is the walkthrough for Traverse Town as it is featured in Kingdom Hearts, as well as its Final Mix version. After being sucked into the darkness back home at Destiny Islands, Sora woke up in an alley in a new and unknown world, and decides to start looking for Kairi and Riku. Meanwhile Donald and Goofy are exploring the town looking for the 'key' and Leon, whom they were told to find by their king; Mickey Mouse.


First visit

Begin by exiting the alleyway, which leads to a larger plaza. Talk to the people here, and visit the Item Shop run by Huey, Dewey, and Louie, as well as the Accessory Shop run by Cid, which also contains a save point. Cid's accessories are not particularly useful for now, and the Mythril Shard you can find inside his store is only later used for synthesis. You can also find postcards from some chests and by interacting with specific objects, which can be turned in at the mailbox in the First District for free items.

Enter the Second District, only to witness someone die and a Soldier Heartless to appear, which promptly leaves. A group of Shadows will ambush you afterwards, but should prove no trouble. They will now also drop munny, with which you can purchase items. Defeat the Shadow ambush, and although you can return to the First District to continue the plot, you can witness several minor scenes here with Donald and Goofy looking for Leon, and fight a few dozen Shadows. Start by entering the Hotel's first entrance for the first scene, then head for the Gizmo Shop. You will witness Donald and Goofy exit the hotel, after which you can fight several more Shadows, which will spawn in increasingly larger waves inside the Gizmo Shop.

Exit the building and then head for the Alleyway entrance next to the fountain to watch Donald and Goofy exit the Hotel again. Lastly after collecting the items in the Alleyway you can enter the Dalmatians' House (through the Second District, not the Alleyway) to trigger a fourth and final cutscene. Afterwards, return to the First District where more Heartless will spawn. Defeat them and then re-enter the Accessory Shop to save and restore your Hit Points, and make sure to place your Potions in your inventory as well. Exit the store to meet Leon. (Note; Leon will only appear if you defeated at least five Heartless.)

Leon bossfight

The Leon bossfight.

It is allowed to lose to Leon, but by doing so you miss out on a free Elixir and some extra thirty EXP. Regardless, Leon will be quite tough at this point of the game. He usually will walk slowly in your direction, using vertical and horizontal swings with his gunblade if you dare to get close, although he can also jump into the air to close the distance himself. His only other move is to shoot fireballs at you, but, like Wakka's blitzballs, you can hit and return them, stunning and opening him up to an easy combo. Beware however, for they are quite fast, although their range is somewhat limited and their accuracy drops somewhat at maximum range. You can use the entire First District area to fight in, so do not hesitate to run away and retreat to use a Potion to heal.

Though Leon does not have that much HP himself, his weapons outranks yours easily in both damage and range. Due to this he is an immense threat up close, as he is difficult to stagger, and will often counter immediately up close. He is entirely vulnerable in the air however, which is only when he will jump towards you, opening him up for an easy aerial combo. Lastly you can sometimes lure him into attacking, and then flank him for a quick few hits.

After his or your defeat you will go through a few cutscenes, regaining control in a hotel room with Yuffie. Talk to her to learn about locks, and then use the Keyblade to unlock and open the blue treasure chest on the table, gaining an Elixir. You can use the temporary save point here, then talk to Leon to say you're ready. After another cutscene he will tell you to ignore the ambushing Soldier Heartless, but defeating them is recommended either way (although the first fight against four at once might be a bit much). Soldiers rely on spins and corkscrews to attack, but are otherwise only slightly tougher than Shadows. Afterwards, return to the First District for a free Mega-Potion from Aerith, then head into the Third District (after saving again) for the second bossfight.

Guard Armor bossfight

The Guard Armor bossfight.

From this point on Donald and Goofy will join you as permanent party members, meaning you can control their actions slightly in combat by ordering them (with the command prompt) to focus on a target you have locked on to, or just help out in general. You can also toggle their abilities in the pause menu, change their equipment, give them items to use during combat, and change their battle parameters.

The Guard Armor is actually a collection of five different parts; a pair of Gauntlets and Hammer Legs, and one Armored Torso. The Gauntlets will spin around the Torso, the Hammer Legs will stomp around, and the Torso will enter a spinning tornado move once detached from the rest of its parts. Sometimes the entire Armor will flip into the air, only to come slamming down onto your position. The body slam move is the most dangerous, but is easy to see coming and avoided by jumping away. As for the spinning move; it winds up first and then homes in on you. You can hit it if you time it right to stun it.

Focus on taking out the claws first, for they have the lowest HP, followed by the feet and finally the torso. Use your Potions if need be, even on your allies if you are so inclined (for now Donald and Goofy are little more than decoys), but know that defeating a body part will result in a large amount of extra HP orbs. Regardless the fight gets progressively easier with each defeated body part, as it gives the Guard Armor less avenues of attack. When only the Torso is left it likely will not have enough HP to last long enough to actually use the spin attack.

Once cleared, and after the cutscenes, you will receive 500 munny from Yuffie, Aerith, and Leon, as well as an Elixir if you beat him earlier. Donald will teach you Fire magic, whereas Goofy teaches you Dodge Roll. Fire is a useful long-range magic attack, whereas Dodge Roll is one of the most commonly used abilities during combat to avoid attacks. For now, equip the Brave Warrior you also received after the bossfight, and equip your new ability. Equip Rocket for Goofy as well (and Berserk on Donald if he is level nine), while also managing their parameters and your magic shortcuts if you want. You may want to unequip any of their usable items, lest they waste them. Next, head for the large doors used as the exit.

Here you will learn about Trinity Marks, and are immediately granted the Trinity Jump ability. Pick up the munny that appears after using it, and before leaving, send your postcards, and talk to Yuffie, Aerith, and Leon to learn about the lost 99 puppies, followed by checking out the shops with your new-found funds. Any accessories will likely soon be replaced with better items, and for now provide little actual benefit considering the cost. New weapons for Donald and Goofy is something to consider, but they will be of only marginal benefit. You can explore Traverse Town some more as well, as there are no Heartless at the moment, and a few more Trinity Marks and chests to find.

Once you leave you can choose between either the Olympus Coliseum or Wonderland (bottom and upper worlds on the map). For now the latter is recommended, although you can visit the former to learn a new magic spell and return later to finish off the tougher bosses. Traveling to worlds is done through using the gummi ship, which you can freely customize once you have collected more gummi blocks. After deciding on a destination you must cross through Interspace, dodging asteroids, shooting down objects blocking your path, and attacking Heartless gummi ships, until you make it to the next world. For now, visiting worlds requires you to fly your ship each time from world to world until you acquire the necessary gummy to circumvent this. You can also attempt gummi ship missions, but these are likely best ignored until later.

Second visit

Although you can return to Traverse Town for any reasons, the plot only mandates it after closing both Wonderland and Deep Jungle. You can visit the shops before you go off to find Leon, but they will have better gear available after the next world. You can however get a free Defense Up from the café chest by using Blizzard to douse all the candles. Head to the Second District after to run into Yellow Opera Heartless, which are the Thunder equivalent of the Red Nocturne and Blue Rhapsody. You can also find Green Requiems, which are harmless on their own, but will heal other Heartless, and absorb all elements (except Gravity).

Next head into the Alleyway where you can use Trinity Charge at the metal bars to enter the Secret Waterway, where you can talk to Leon. Talk to him twice to further continue the plot, after which you are instructed to find Cid. You also receive the Earthshine gem, and after talking to Cid inside his store, the Old Book item. Follow his instructions and head for the Third District, where you will encounter Air Soldiers, which prefer to stay out of your range and rely on hit and run tactics.

Next, cast Fire on the big door with the fire sign, then enter the house on the island to meet Merlin and the Fairy Godmother. The Old Book can be used to travel to 100 Acre Wood, which you can do now to meet Pooh and collect a few items. More becomes available after collecting Torn Pages. The Earthshine gem is used to learn the summon spell Simba. Summons require two conscious party members, whom they will temporarily replace once during a single battle. They usually serve a niche purpose and often are unable to outperform the party members they replaced. Simba can be used to perform Proud Roar, which is a chargeable attack that damages enemies within the vicinity. It can deal a lot of damagem but also can only be used twice and requires you to stand still to charge it.

Return to Third District for a cutscene, in which Riku appears, then enter the Small House near the doorway to the Second District, and talk to Cid again. Cid will have installed the Navi-G Pieces, and also hand you a Warp-G gummi with which you can skip the flight to worlds you already visited. Now go and follow the group's proposal about ringing the bell three times, which requires you to go to the Gizmo Shop. Head to the roof and use Trinity Charge at the boards to be able to ring the bell. Do so three times to find the Keyhole, then approach it for a bossfight against Guard Armor. It will be as strong as the first time you fought it, so you should be able to effortlessly crush it again. Do so, only for it to reform into the Opposite Armor.

Opposite Armor bossfight

The Opposite Armor bossfight.

Opposite Armor is quite mobile, as it will constantly levitate to move around the battlefield, dealing damage using short dashes or by throwing all of its limbs at you. Eventually it will split up, the new Hammer Legs pairing up with the head, and the new Gauntlets pairing up with the Torso. The former will perform rapid charges, using the head like an upright wheel to deal damage to anything its path. The latter will use the Gauntlets and spin them in in circles in front of it, homing in on you. Its most powerful move is when the torso takes a horizontal position and begins charging large energy blasts, which it fires akin to a cannon.

Keeping your distance and using Dodge Rolls to avoid the energy blast attacks is paramount, although you can sometimes also use the terrain to block them. The other attacks can be deflected, avoided with Dodge Roll, or blocked by Guard if you posses it, but Cure will likely come in handy if you become too overzealous in pressing the attack and take damage. If you do not need the MP you could try using Thunder or Sonic Blade. Destroyed individual body parts still drop a lot of HP orbs, which can be helpful in a pinch.

After its defeat you will learn Aero, which is a defensive spell that summons a barrier of wind, blocking half of any damage taken, but costs two MP to cast. You will obtain another Navi-G Piece, which you can give to Cid in First District after receiving a Comet-G from him. He now sells gummi ship blocks and upgrades, although you likely do not truly need to purchase them (although the COM LVL2 upgrade is recommended). Visit the Dalmatians' house if you have not yet to acquire more gummi blocks if you have found enough puppies (specifically the Curaga-G cockpit and Firaga-G engine. Visit the Accessory Shop as well for a scene with Pinocchio.

When you return to the gummi ship you will find out the Phil Cup is available at the Olympus Coliseum, which is recommended to attempt before heading over to the new planet by going through either of the warp holes; Agrabah (walkthrough).

Third visit

You will have to return to Traverse Town after acquiring another Navi-G Piece from Neverland's Keyhole. Talk to Cid, after which you can access the next location; Hollow Bastion. Before leaving, visit the Item Workshop and synthesize any new equipment you could need. It should be kept in mind that after events in Hollow Bastion every single world's Heartless will drastically change, gaining attributes on par with level 50 on average. As such, acquiring items used for synthesis or other activities on said places will be far more difficult compared to the current low-level enemies.

If you have not yet, you can collect the Spellbinder from Merlin and the Wishing Star from Geppetto. You should also use this opportunity to clear the Hercules Cup and visit all the worlds for any missed items, as Goofy suggests when you leave Traverse Town.

Fourth visit

You must return to Hollow Bastion, but are unable to do so for the moment. Talk to Cid to learn of a gummi block he hid in the Secret Waterway. While heading there you will find every single Heartless has been made stronger, equivalent to level fifty. Wizards, Darkballs, Defenders, and Wyverns will now spawn on almost any world. Approach the sun mural in the Secret Waterway for the Navi-Gummi, then go talk to Kairi, who will give you her lucky charm, after which you receive the Oathkeeper Keyblade.

While here, use Trinity Detect on the white Trinity Mark for an Orichalcum, and enter Magician's Study to learn the Mushu Summon from the Fairy Godmother. Mushu will stand on Sora's head and spit tiny fireballs at targets with a rapid rate of fire, although he is ineffective against enemies resistant or weak to it. You also receive the Lord Fortune staff from her if you have collected all summons by now. Talk to Cid again who will adjust your ship, and then visit the Item Workshop for more items to synthesize, and the Item and Accessory Shops for any new gear if you can find an upgrade.

Before you return to Hollow Bastion, consider using Trinity Detect on each world to acquire a large number of powerful and rare items. Notably you can get the Lady Luck Keyblade in Wonderland, and the Violetta staff in Olympus Coliseum.