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A Tranquil Crystal, the rarest of the Tranquil materials

Tranquil (安らぎ Yasuragi?) is a material type available in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Tranquil materials contain the essence of peace, are colored yellow, and are shaped like Mushroom Heartless. Once all Tranquil materials are obtained the Moogle will reward Sora with a Serenity Crystal.


Tranquil materials are represented by jewels with a unique structure. A Tranquil Shard is represented by a tan jewel based on the design of the Mushroom XIII Heartless. It displays the same round, mushroom-like cap, the front of which is adorned with angular spirals. The upper body of the Heartless is attached to the underside of the cap.

A Tranquil Stone is represented by a primarily tan jewel based on the design of the Mushroom XIII. It sports the same round, mushroom-like cap, decorated by two angular spirals, and the silhouette of the Heartless emblem is emblazoned on its chest. It "holds" a small, yellow, circular jewel in each of its hands.

A Tranquil Gem is represented by the same tan jewel used in the Tranquil Stone, but is encased in a larger, circular, yellow jewel. The main jewel now holds two glowing crosses in its hands, which are both surrounded by circular, orange extensions.

A Tranquil Crystal is represented by the same tan jewel used in the Tranquil Stone and Gem. It is encased in a larger, circular, yellow and red-orange jewel. It holds two smaller, tan, mushroom-shaped jewels in its hands, both of which are also encased in circular, yellow jewels. Several white crosses of various sizes are scattered over the surface of the Crystal, each of which is encased in a circular, yellow jewel.

"Tranquil" means "calm" and relates to the "essence of peace" that the material contains, which is itself a reference to the relative non-hostility of the Mushroom XIII.


Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

Synthesized items

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

Tranquil materials are used to synthesize the following items:


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