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Tornado Titan is an antagonist who appears in Kingdom Hearts III. Although he is one of the four elemental Titans in the Disney film Hercules, along with Lava Titan, he didn't make an appearance in the Kingdom Hearts series until Kingdom Hearts III.


Much like his fellow Titans, Tornado Titan is vengeful against Zeus and more than willing to oblige Hades plans to destroy Olympus. Despite this, he fears Zeus and is quick to retreat when Zeus is back at full power.

Physical Appearance

Tornado Titan lives up to his namesake and is composed entirely of fierce winds with a set of large and expressive red eyes.


Kingdom Hearts III

The Tornado Titan, along with his brothers, Lava Titan, Rock Titan, and Ice Titan, were released by Hades just as Sora, Donald, and Goofy found their way to Olympus. Together, the four Titans destroyed Thebes and made their way to Mount Olympus, losing Rock Titan along the way, where they waged war with Zeus and the other gods. The trio of Titans that remained were quickly subdued by our heroes, but quickly recuperated after being rejoined by Rock Titan. Hercules decided to even the odds and was able to free Zeus from his rocky tomb, much to Hades' dismay. Zeus began to attack the Titans who immediately started retreating. Hercules charged Tornado Titan, reversing his vortex sucking up Lava Titan, Rock Titan, and Ice Titan, and throwing them up into the atmosphere.


The Tornado Titan was an original creation for the 1997 Disney film Hercules. He is based off the element Air and meant to represent the Titans of Greek Mythology.