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Gameplay of Tigger's Giant Pot.

Tigger's Giant Pot is a minigame featured at the Bouncing Spot area in the 100 Acre Wood in both Kingdom Hearts and its Final Mix version. It is playable after obtaining the fourth Torn Page (typically after Atlantica) and returning it to the book in Merlin's house in Traverse Town. The player character receives a Mythril as a reward after finishing it. Reaching a time of less than thirty seconds is part of the requirement to receive the Cheer ability later on as well.

The objective is to hit the nuts that Tigger throws out of the pot, without leaving the tree stump you are standing on. You are allow to jump, but not touch anything else, except if you hit a nut prior to doing so. If you hit a nut and land on the ground you are allowed to jump back onto the stump, but only by using a single jump. Other than that there is no way to fail, both the nuts and the time limit keeps on going indefinitely. The only way to finish the minigame is to destroy the giant pot, for which you require twenty 'points'.

Points are gained by hitting the nuts at the pot, and far more points are awarded for hitting a nut as quickly as possible. Although High Jump is disabled, you can still take advantage by using a Keyblade with a longer reach, such as the Jungle King or Pumpkinhead. You'll want to stand back on the stump a bit, so that when you time your jump carefully you can hit the nut in mid-air for ten, or even more points. Destroying the pot in under thirty seconds is enough for the Cheer ability requirement.

If the pot is destroyed you can leave and return to the area to replay the minigame.